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Zaggora is a brand of exercise clothing that claims to help you burn more calories during workouts or throughout the day. According to the company's original claims, wearing Zaggora Hotwear can lead to a “statistically significant” increase in caloric burn both during and after exercise. More recently, however, the product claims have been toned down. In 2017 the company changed the wording on the website to say that the pants simply use "your body’s heat during exercise to help you burn more calories."

The pants and tops are made out of a blend of lycra, polyester, and neoprene. The combination of layers is something the company calls Thermofit Technology. While the original website provided information about studies that supported their weight-loss claims, most of that information has since been removed. Several media outlets have questioned the science behind the company's claims. 

The So-Called Science Behind Zaggora Hot Pants

Zaggora Hotwear isn't cheap. The Hot Pants sell for $80 or more in the United States. So smart consumers should take a critical look at the science behind Zaggora's claims before they invest their money.

When the product first became available, the company cited three very small studies to suggest that the Hot Pants burn more calories. In the largest of the three studies, they claim that the pants may help users burn an average of 6 percent more calories during exercise. That might sound impressive until you put that number into perspective.

During a typical exercise session, an average-sized woman might burn 300 calories. If she wears the Zaggora HotPants for the session and burns 6 percent more calories, she'll burn an extra 18 calories. That's the caloric equivalent of about five M&M candies, a small piece of gum, or half of a Twizzler.

If you're trying to lose weight, you should be even more critical of those numbers. To lose a pound of fat with exercise you need to burn 3500 calories. Weight loss at a reasonable rate of 1-2 pounds per week would require you to burn an additional 3500-7000 calories per week or 500-1000 calories per day. The extra 18 calories burned by Zaggora Hotwear may not put a dent in those numbers in a way that is noticeable to you.

While the Zaggora website has removed references to clinical studies or scientific research backing the use of the pants for weight loss they still state that the extra energy expenditure produced by the pants will help you increase calorie burn.

Our Review

To do a full review of Zaggora Hotwear, our reviewer tried wearing the Hot Pants and a Zaggora tank style top. The clothing is very thick, doesn’t breathe, and causes your body to sweat. The design and feel of it are reminiscent of scuba gear. It did not look like the images online.

After about four hours in the pants, she wasn’t able to keep them on anymore. Sitting in the sweaty, sticky pants was simply too uncomfortable. The top, however, was easier to wear. She did start a workout wearing the gear but had to cut it short because it was simply unbearable.

Did she see results? No. In fact, we wonder about any exerciser’s ability to wear the pants for long enough to gain any benefit at all. And if you have to cut your workout short because you're too uncomfortable to continue, you'll burn fewer calories, not more.

Will Zaggora Hot Pants Help You Lose Weight?

Good Morning America story on Zaggora Hotwear promoted the brand as a comfortable way to burn extra calories. Other Zaggora hot pants reviews have not been as complimentary. Our experience with the HotPants was disappointing.

Of course, every exerciser is unique, so it's reasonable to see a range of Zaggora reviews. But if we were spending our own money, we would choose to spend it on more effective methods of weight loss.

So what are your other options? With $80 dollars you could invest in a session or two with a personal trainer to learn more effective ways to burn more calories with exercise, you could buy a heart rate monitor to boost the effectiveness of your workouts or you could make an appointment with a registered dietitian to get a personalized meal plan for weight loss.

If you prefer to spend your money on workout apparel and you like the feel of supportive fabrics, try compression gear. The high-tech, lightweight workout clothing shapes and supports your body during exercise to help you look and feel better during your workout.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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