Yogitoes Skidless Towel Review

Yogitoes Skidless Mat Towel
Photo Courtesy of Yogitoes

Walk into most any vinyasa yoga class and you will see likely see a lot of brightly colored Yogitoes Skidless towels adorning the mats around the room. These towels, which are meant to be layered over a standard yoga mat, are especially popular with people who practice Ashtanga and hot yoga. But what benefits can they offer your practice?

Reducing Slippage

When you start to generate some heat during a yoga session the sweat may start to flow. Your palms and the soles of your feet can get sweaty, which can cause you to lose traction with your mat. In heated practices, the sweat from your body can even start dripping onto your mat, turning it into a slippery mess. When your hands and feet start slipping, you lose the integrity of your poses and leave yourself open to the possibility of injury. 

If you have chronic slipping issues, the Skidless towel provides a grippier surface than the average yoga mat by absorbing perspiration. Silicone nubs cover the underside of the towel, adhering it to your mat. Unlike traditional Ashtanga rugs, also used to prevent slippage, the Skidless does not have to be wetted down before class. The Skidless is also a lot less bulky than most rugs.

However, since Yogitoes first came on the market several more absorbent mats have become available. The Liforme alignment mat and Lululemon's The Mat can eliminate the need for an extra towel for some people. 

Mat Preservation

Some practices (Ashtanga, for instance, where there is near constant movement forward and back) are really hard on mats, shredding holes where your hands and feet rest. The Skidless acts as a mat protector, increasing your mat's lifespan and reducing the waste and expense created by regularly buying new mats.

Though the Skidless is a bit pricey at about $50, it will pay off if you usually replace your mat several times year. Skidless mat towels are made with recycled materials, including plastic bottles, making them more ecologically responsible than some mats, though that's going to depend on what kind of mat you have. 


Bringing your own Skidless is a good way to create a barrier between you and a communal mat of dubious cleanliness. It folds up smaller and is lighter than the average yoga mat. It's also easier to clean since you can just throw it in the washing machine.

The Upshot

A mat towel is not essential for everyone, but it does improve the practice experience for some people. If you're new to yoga, don't assume that you'll have to get one until you find if the loss of traction is a problem for you. If you are a heavy sweater who struggles with a slippery mat, the Yogitoes Skidless may be the answer. However, the advent of more absorbent mats (see above) offers an alternative solution. It all comes down to what kind of practice surface you like.

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