7 Yoga Wraps for Fall

Have you felt the first hint of a chill in the air? It's time to cover up the strappy tanks and sports bras of summer with something a little more substantial. A wrap sweater is the perfect layer for fall. Easy on, easy off, looks good with leggings, gets you to and from class in warmth and style. Here are our favorite wraps of the season.

YogaSmoga Rhapsody Drape

YogaSmoga Rhapsody Drape
YogaSmoga Rhapsody Drape. Courtesy of YogaSmoga

This might just be the ultimate luxury wrap sweater. It's got every design feature you can imagine, including a hood and those extra long sleeves with thumb holes that we love. The silk, wool, and cashmere blend gives you warmth without bulk and drapes beautifully whether you're wearing it with the front open or closed. 

Manduka Ardha Wrap

Manduka Ardha Wrap
Manduka Ardha Wrap. Courtesy of Manduka

A very cool spin on a classic cardigan from Manduka. This design features a built-in scarf that you can tie in various ways to customize your look. The recycled polyester and hemp (with just a touch of spandex) fabric reflects Manduka's commitment to using sustainable materials for its garments. In basic black for a classic urban look. 


Crane & Lion Wrap Sweater
Crane & Lion Wrap Sweater. Courtesy of Crane & Lion

Gorgeous icy colors and a generous amount of fabric to play with distinguish Crane & Lion's wrap sweater. The short back is contrasted with two very long panels in the front. Wear it open for a boho Stevie Nicks moment or wrap and tie the sides for any number of different looks. A lightweight blend of nylon, viscose, and cotton makes it perfect for the changing season.  


Beyond Yoga Cozy Fleece Convertible Cardigan

Beyond Yoga Cozy Fleece Convertible Cardigan
Beyond Yoga Cozy Fleece Convertible Cardigan. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Wait, you're probably saying, I thought we were talking about wraps and this looks like a pullover. You're right on both counts because this amazing garment can be worn as either. When styled as a cardigan, there's a peekaboo opening in the back of the drapey cowl. Pop your head through that opening instead and it becomes a loose fitting jumper. Two looks for the price of one is our kind of sweater. The fleece is a soft mix of modal, polyester, and spandex. 

Prana Georgia Wrap Sweater

Prana Georgia Wrap Sweater
Prana Georgia Wrap Sweater. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Your basic lightweight wrap sweater in 100 percent organic cotton to take you from cool summer evenings into fall. It's got a bit of a shawl color, a slight ruffle detail in the back, and roll hems. 


Hyde Cozy Sweater
Hyde Cozy Sweater. Courtesy of Hyde

Cozy is a very apt description of this oversized sweater with a hood and pockets. It's like wearing your favorite blanket to class. Arms with thumb holes complete the look. In 100 percent merino wool for a warmer option that can take you further into the cool season. 



MPG Sian Yoga Wrap
MPG Sian Yoga Wrap. Courtesy of MPG

Looking for a wrap that's a little less cozy and a little more technical? MPG has got you covered with their Sian Yoga Wrap, which in addition to being stylishly cut has a thermal lining and is water resistant. Leave the front open while you cool down after class, then belt it up for warmth and protection when the weather gets blustery. It's all made from eco-friendly Bluesign approved fabrics. ​


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