Yoga Shorts for Women by Length

Come summer, yoga shorts are busting out all over. Shorts are also popular year-round in hot yoga classes, although some hot yoga-wear experts prefer capris, which better control slippery leg sweat. For the short-shorts ladies out there, we found a lot of variations on the extra-short booty short, but we've also searched out some longer, looser versions if that's more your style. We'll start short and get longer as we go down the list. Inseam dimensions were provided by the manufacturers and are included for comparison, but will vary slightly depending on the size of the garment.


Lululemon Boogie Short

Lululemon Boogie Shorts
Photo Courtesy of Lululemon

Inseam: 1 and 7/8 inches

Unsurprisingly, given their reputation for backside enhancement, Lululemon leads the pack when it comes to brevity. It's a stretch to even call these shorts, but if you've got the guts to show off your glutes, this is the way to go. Those crafty Lululemon designers even managed to sneak in a tiny pocket, perfectly sized for your locker key and that's about all. Made from the classic proprietary luon.


Lole Navasana Short

Lole Navasana Shorts
Photo Courtesy of Lole

Inseam: 3 inches

Lole's Navasana style are still pretty short, but also pretty sweet. Design details like a wide waistband and curved, top-stitched pockets take these out of bike shorts territory and ensure they won't be mistaken for underpants. The fabric is a blend of organic cotton, Tencel, and elastane for stretchiness.


Prana Audrey Short

Inseam (size S): 3 inches

You'll still need to look well north of your kneecaps to find Prana's Audrey Shorts. These are a very basic style made from a quick-drying fabric and designed for sweaty workouts. They come in basic black and white (for the truly brave!) but also some new, fun colors each season.


Zobha Asana Shorts

Zobha Asana Short
Photo Courtesy of Zobha

Inseam: 3 inches

These little shorts are livened up by a few design details, like the decorative color-blocked waistband. A tiny slide split takes them away from bike shorts territory into a more gym shorts vibe.


Hyde Chrystie Short

Hyde Chrystie Short
Photo Courtesy of Hyde

Inseam (size XS): 3 and 1/2 inches

A looser short-short with functional pockets and cute ties at the leg openings. Made from organic cotton with just a touch of spandex for a fit that's little less gripping than the options above.


be present Practice Shorts

be present Women's Practice Shorts
Photo Courtesy of be present

Inseam: 4 inches

Inching down the thighs and into a slightly roomier zone are be present's Practice Shorts. Classic is present pockets, drawstring, awesome colors, and stretchy woven fabric. If you like their pants, these shorts will be the ones for you.


Athleta Kickbooty Bermuda

Athleta Kickbooty Bermuda
Photo Courtesy of Athleta

Inseam: 10 and 1/2 inches

Athleta has some shorter shorts that you might also like, but the Kickbooty Bermuda distinguishes itself in its cut (not super tight) and length (not super short). These also have a wider leg opening, so they look a bit like a cut-off version of a boot-cut yoga pant. Which, come to think of it, is not a bad idea.

By Ann Pizer, RYT
Ann Pizer is a writer and registered yoga instructor who teaches vinyasa/flow and prenatal yoga classes.