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Popular Yoga Types and Approaches

Almost all types of yoga share the same foundation of poses, but there are differences. Learn more about the varying approaches to different yoga styles.
Diamond Dallas Page doing yoga
How Does DDP Yoga Work?
AcroYoga Outside
Yoga + Acrobatics = AcroYoga
Mysore Maharaja Palace
The Legacy and Influence of T. Krishnamacharya on Yoga
Woman doing a yoga stretch
Try Gentle Yoga Styles for Stretching and Stillness
people doing a yoga pose in a studio
What Are the Most Popular Types of Yoga?
Man doing triangle poase
Sivananda Yoga Is Based on Health and Spiritual Growth
Modo Yoga Class
Canadian Hot Yoga Export Moksha Is Called Modo in the U.S.
Making time to meditate
Kripalu Yoga Is a Gentle Practice for Mind, Body, and Spirit
Jivamukti Founders David Life and Sharon Gannon
The History and Methodology of Jivamukti Yoga
B.K.S. Iyengar in 2012
How B.K.S. Iyengar Influenced Yoga
Three women meditating in integral yoga class
Integral Yoga Integrates the Mind, Body, and Spirit
Yoga class in Downward Facing Dog Pose
What to Expect From a Hatha Yoga Class
Woman doing yoga outside
The Rise and Fall of John Friend's Anusara Yoga
Woman performing butterfly yoga pose
Yin Yoga and How It Differs From Restorative
Water Yoga
Just Add Water to Your Yoga Class
Yoga instructor working with woman
How Viniyoga Is a Personalized Yoga Practice Adapted to Your Ability
Girl lying in supported shavasana
How Restorative Yoga Can Improve Your Relaxation
Women performing extended side angle pose in class
The History and Pillars Behind Practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga
Power Yoga Class
How Power Yoga Can Give You a Real Workout
Group Yoga Class in Studio
CorePower Yoga Franchise Classes Have Expanded Across the U.S.
Man practicing yoga on a rock, South Africa
Should You Try a Naked Yoga Class?
An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
Inside the Mysteries of the Kundalini Yoga Practice
Woman warming up for yoga class in studio
How Is Bikram Different From Hot Yoga?
Yoga in Mysore. India
Ashtanga Yoga Vocabulary: The 9 Terms You Need to Know
Ashtanga Yoga Class
An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga and Its Founder Pattabhi Jois
women doing yoga
How to Combine Kettlebells and Yoga for Max Benefits
Thunderbolt Pose
Your First Hot Yoga Class May Be Different From What You Expect