The 7 Best Yoga Mat Straps, Slings, and Handles of 2023

Carry any size yoga mat with the Clever Yoga Adjustable Sling

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Yoga classes are a fantastic choice for your weekly exercise routine. But carrying yoga mats and other equipment can be tricky. Mats are long and unwieldy and don't often fit into gym bags. Using a carrier can make your mat more portable and secure, freeing up your hands for other things.

Look for a yoga mat carrying strap that's comfortable and lightweight on your shoulder and is durable. We reviewed yoga mat straps, slings, and handles based on the durability of seams and closures, material and padding, adjustability, cost, and special features like extra storage.

Here are the best yoga mat straps, handles, and slings to consider.

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Best Overall

Clever Yoga Adjustable Yoga Mat Strap Sling

Clever Yoga Adjustable Yoga Mat Strap Sling

Courtesy of Amazon

This is the creme de la creme of mat straps. The 1.5-inch wide, 100-percent cotton strap won't dig into your shoulders even when you're carrying heavier mats which is why we selected it our best overall pick. With adjustable loops, the strap can carry yoga mats of almost any size and width without letting them slip.

The machine-washable strap comes in two lengths to suit people's different heights and in multiple colors for every style. It can also be used as a yoga strap during practice.

Price at time of publication: $12 for 66-inch Strap

Best Budget

Hugger Mugger Simple Sling for Yoga Mats

Courtesy of Walmart.

This easy-to-use very aptly named Simple Strap works great on lighter yoga mats—it isn't recommended for mats heavier than 5 pounds.

The straps that go around the mat are 20 inches long with 6 inches of velcro on the ends. You can easily sling this across your body while also wearing a backpack. You'll love it for the price and for the fact that it can be stored anywhere.

Best Non-Slip

Lululemon Loop It Up Mat Strap

Courtesy of Lululemon.

This no-slip strap loops around your yoga mat more than once, keeping it securely in place, and fastens tightly with a buckle-free closure.

It can be adjusted to fit a mat of almost any size and even has a spot to attach keys or a pouch with your essentials. Perfect for every type of yogi, it doubles as a strap to help you stretch in yoga class.

Price at time of publication: $24

Most Sturdy

Manduka Journey On Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier

Manduka Journey On Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier

Courtesy of Amazon

In place of disruptive velcro or zippers, this aesthetically-pleasing yoga mat carrier uses a buckle to hold your mat in place. With 68-inch straps, the machine-washable carrier is designed to fit yoga mats of any size.

The unique strap is easy to take on and off and keeps the mat from sliding around while you are carrying it, no matter how long the trek to your yoga studio.

Price at time of publication: $18

Best with Bag

Gaiam On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier

Gaiam On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier

Courtesy of Amazon

The barest minimum of a yoga bag, comprised of a sling and a pocket, this carrier will fit yoga mats of any length. With quick-release magnetic snaps and an added internal strap, rest assured your yoga mat won't fall out of this fixture.

With a handy front pocket that fits various personal items—like keys, a wallet, and a phone—this carrier lets you keep all your essentials in one place and skip the backpack.

Price at time of publication: $28

Best Backpack

Kindfolk Patterned Canvas Yoga Mat Backpack

Kindfolk Patterned Canvas Yoga Mat Backpack

Courtesy of Amazon

If you love to bring your own straps, blocks, and towels to yoga—in addition to your mat—this backpack provides a lot more space than a typical carrier. Eight inches tall and 14 inches wide, the vegan-friendly backpack will fit all of your yoga essentials, plus a change of clothes and toiletries.

The carrier strap hooked to the bottom of the backpack will easily transport both larger and thinner yoga mats. Choose between four colorful and unique designs that'll stand out from the crowd.

Yoga practitioners can feel good about this backpack because, with every purchase made, the manufacturer will donate $1 to organizations that are helping end slavery and sex trafficking worldwide.

Best Duffel Bag

Adriene's Choice Extra Large Canvas Yoga Mat Bag

Adriene's Choice Extra Large Canvas Yoga Mat Bag

Courtesy of Amazon

Easily fit a yoga mat (or two), blocks, straps, towels, your keys and other essentials in this 26x9x9-inch duffel bag yoga mat carrier. The duffel is designed to store yoga mats of all sizes and can fit any design, up to a 26-inch wide extra-thick mat.

The Azo-free dye that is used to create the unique design of this bag is longer-lasting and it'll maintain the bright color even after 50 washes, according to the manufacturer.

With multiple pockets, and internal and external zipper compartments, this duffel will keep yogis organized.

What to Look for in Yoga Mat Straps, Slings, and Handles

Comfortable Materials and Padding

If you’re going to be carrying something, it should be comfortable on your shoulders. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a yoga strap, sling or handles made from comfortable materials, like cotton. Avoid irritating seams or hard plastic, and if your yoga mat is on the heavier side, some additional light padding might be worth having. 


Choosing sturdy and durable yoga mat straps, slings, or handles will prevent you from needing to replace them sooner, which is better for your wallet and the planet. Less sturdy materials might pull, fray, or rip after frequent use or with heavier mats. Secure closures like buckles will likely last longer than snaps or Velcro, for instance.


If you want to carry more gear than just your mat, look for a carrier that provides some extra storage, such as zippered pouches, pockets, or a backpack. Conversely, if you want to be able to tote your mat and store your straps, slings, or handles somewhere out of the way during class, look for small, foldable carriers that pack away easily.

Adjustable Sizing

Needless to say, carrying straps, handles, or slings that don’t fit your mat are not very useful. Look for adjustable or one-size-fits-all versions, especially if you have more than one mat. You also want to make sure the product fits your body, so check sizing, including strap length, before choosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you use a yoga mat strap?

    For most yoga mat straps, you’ll use D-rings to create a carrying handle.  Spread your strap flat and place the D-rings on top of your mat with the ends around the underneath. Slide the end of the strap through the D-rings. Fold one of the D-rings back and slip the strap back through it. Wrap the remainder of the strap around the opposite end of your mat. Tie a knot with this end of the strap. You should be able to adjust the strap for length and fit by tightening it at this end.

  • Can yoga mat straps be used for other things?

    As long as the item you wish to carry with the strap is of a similar size and weight, you can use your straps for other purposes such as carrying picnic blankets, towels, rolled clothing, or similar items.

    Some yoga mat straps also double as a stretching tool or yoga strap that helps you get into challenging poses when you can’t quite reach.

  • How do I know how long of a strap to get?

    The best bet for choosing the proper length for a yoga mat strap is to choose an adjustable one. This way, you can fit it to your body and your specific mat. Otherwise, consider how you’d prefer to carry your mat. If you want to sling it over your shoulder, messenger bag style, you’ll need more slack than if you wish to hold it by hand.

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