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Yoga Practice for Beginners

If you're new to yoga, this beginner's guide will teach you basic poses and stretches, what to expect in your first class, proper etiquette, and more. You'll feel comfortable in no time.
Downward Dog Splits
How Yoga Transitions Prepare You for the Next Yoga Pose
man doing yoga
Try These 10 Beginner Yoga Poses for Men
older couple meditating
The Many Benefits of Yoga Can Also Help Your Sex Life
Young woman practicing iyengar yoga at home in her living room
What to Do When Yoga Makes You Sore
Woman doing inverted yoga pose outside
You Don't Have to Avoid Yoga Inversions If You're on Your Period
Female friends practicing downward facing dog position yoga against window in studio
How Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight
Organic Apples and Peanut Butter
Eat Properly Before Yoga for More Energy
Man practicing Upward Facing Dog Pose
What's the Best Time of Day to Do Yoga?
Student Practicing Hot Yoga and sweating
How Hot Is Your Hot Yoga Class?
Embarrassed Yogi
8 Yoga Questions You're too Embarrassed to Ask
Meditating Woman
8 Limbs and the Yoga Sutras Philosophy of Patanjali
Yoga Fitness Stretching Class
Where Are the Best Yoga Studios in Austin?
Teacher with hands on a student's back in yoga class
Finding a Good Teacher for Your Yoga Journey
How to Find a Yoga Class
Finding a Yoga Class in Your Area Doesn't Need to Be Difficult
Calming the body with equal breathing
Learn to Calm Your Body With Sama Vritti (Equal Breathing Yoga)
Woman on yoga mat showing ocean breath
Easily Learn Ujjayi Breath to Deepen Your Yoga Practice
Woman lying on yoga mat doing three-part breath
Step by Step Instructions for Dirga Pranayama Three-Part Breath
Rolling the Tongue for Sitali Pranayama
All Natural Air Conditioning With Sitali Pranayama Breathing Technique
Group of young sporty people making Alternate Nostril Breathing
How to Use Pranayama Breathing Exercises in Your Yoga Practice
Alternate Nostril Breathing - Nadi Shodhana
Alternate Nostril Breathing Is That Hard to Do for Its Benefits
Woman doing lion's breath
How to Do Lion's Breath (Simha Pranayama) in Yoga
woman doing cobra pose
31 Yoga Poses for Beginners
Yoga Class in Headstand
The Riskiest Yoga Poses for Beginners
10 Bad Yoga Habits and How to Break Them
Yoga pose
Doing #YogaEveryDamnDay Doesn't Have to Mean Physical Stretching
Woman doing yoga at a gym in a class
Is It Better to to Take Yoga Classes at a Gym or. a Studio?
Older couple doing yoga
How Senior Citizens Can Enjoy Yoga in Their Golden Years
Studio shot of young woman spitting her legs while reaching up with both hands
How to Start Yoga When You're Bigger Bodied
Woman doing yoga on a grassy bluff
Adding Yoga to Your Life Can Bring Many Health Benefits
Women in a yoga class in downward facing dog position
What Should You Know Before You Start Your Yoga Practice?
Man doing Yoga
Men Shouldn't Be Afraid to Start a Yoga Practice
Yoga at Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi, India
Do You Know How Old Yoga Really Is?
Extreme wide shot of women in three legged downward dog pose during yoga class in studio
How to Prevent Vaginal Farts During Yoga
Woman with a cold sitting on a yoga mat
Should You Do Yoga When You're Sick?
Yoga pose
4 Strategies to Relieve Pressure on Your Wrists During Yoga
Woman sweating while doing upward facing dog pose
Do the Claims of Health Benefits in Hot Yoga Have Any Truth?
How to Sequence Yoga Poses
What Is the Right Yoga Sequence to Follow?
Yoga Instruction
Do You Still Feel the Benefits of Yoga by Doing It Once a Week?
Feet of woman doing a plank on a yoga mat
How to Deal With Foot Cramps During Yoga
Barefoot Yogi
Do You Have to Do Yoga in Your Bare Feet?
Women practicing downward facing dog in yoga class
7 Anti-Aging Effects of Yoga for the Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit