10 Workouts So Fun They Don't Feel Like Exercise

It's not a WORKout, it's a FUNout

The best workouts are the workouts that don't feel like workouts at all, but rather, they feel like an exciting experience. Maybe you're surrounded by friends who keep you laughing and engaged, or you're trying something new that's challenging and exciting, or you're (quite literally) playing a game. More organizations are cluing in to the fact that fun isn't just for kids—that adults who enjoy their workouts are more likely to stick with their exercise routines. The end result is more workout experiences that focus on fun. Check out a few of these workout experiences, and bookmark this page for future reference as more opportunities are added to the list.


Great Games! How to Have Fun While Getting Fit

Goji Play Screen. Goji Play

Turn your next cardio workout into an exciting fitness game. This article details a few of the workout games on the market that are revolutionizing fitness everywhere.


How to Use a Hula Hoop for Health

hula hooping. Laura Williams

If the last time you used a hula hoop was when you were on the playground, it's time to pick up a new hoop for health. Check out several of the exercises you can perform while hooping.


Fitpacking: A Fitness Hiking Experience

Paul Bradbury, Royalty Free

 Skip your standard workout and opt for a hiking trip instead. Fitpacking makes exercise social with week-long led hiking experiences that will boost your fitness while you're having fun.


Nightclub Fitness: Are You Ready to Party?


Who doesn't like a party? New health clubs are offering party experiences that mimick the impact of nightclubs. Loud DJs, killer light shows, and club-style dance workouts are all a part of this party-hard, work-hard trend.


Land-Based Surfing: 3 Ways to Catch a Wave

Hamboards are just one land-based surf option. Hamboard

Skip the brutally cold ocean water the next time you want to catch a wave, and opt for one of these three innovative land-based surfing experiences.


SWERVE Team-Focused Cycling

SWERVE serves up team-focused fitness. SWERVE Fitness

A little healthy competition is a great way to make a workout more fun. SWERVE is the first-of-its-kind group cycling studio to focus on inter-team competition as a way to motivate and inspire participants.


Aqua Zumba: Splashing to the Beat

Aqua Zumba class in action. Zumba

Take your favorite Zumba workout to the pool! You'll dance your way to health while working against the natural resistance of the water.


POUNDing yourself into shape with the POUND Girls

Side lunge with the rip stix. Laura Williams

Grab your Ripstix and get to pounding! If you've always wanted to be a rock star, now's your chance. The POUND workout is focused on releasing your inner drummer as you move through a choreographed series of full-body exercise moves.


Jump into Health: Take a Trip to the Trampoline Gym

A trampoline gym. Vasiliki Varvaki/Getty Images/E+ Collection

Remember when you used to jump on your best friend's trampoline for hours? There's something about the feeling of flying that transports you from "workout" to "playout." Hit the local trampoline gym to reclaim that weightless feeling of excitement that accompanies a good bounce on a trampoline.


Parkour for Beginners: What to Expect

navigating rails

Parkour is for the coolest kids around, and even the grownups want to feel like cool kids. Learn to leap, swing, and catapult yourself over and around natural boundaries by signing up for a class at your local parkour gym.

The Importance of Fun When You Exercise

Never underestimate the power and importance of fun during your workouts. "Fun" is what keeps you going and makes you want to continue your routine, and the only routine that's worth its salt is the one you'll keep on doing.

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