What to Eat at Wingstop: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts


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A staple at large-group birthday, graduation, and football game parties, wings have remained one of the most popular entrees for get-togethers countrywide. One of the restaurant chains serving this ubiquitous food is Wingstop, a franchise specializing in chicken wings and boneless tenders that come in various sauce and rub flavors.

For anyone following a low-fat or low-sodium diet, Wingstop isn't an optimal choice, as the restaurant chain doesn't provide a number of menu items with heart-healthy fare. But filling your plate up with Wingstop's sides of carrots and celery sticks can keep your overall calorie count down and your nutritional meal value up.

What Experts Say

"Wingstop specializes in wings of all kinds, loaded French fries, chicken tenders, and desserts. It’s best to indulge in wings on occasion as they are high in fat, sodium, and calories. If you’re eating at Wingstop, keep it simple—more toppings and sauces equals more fat, sodium, and calories. Try the vegetable sticks as a side dish, which is a healthier substitute for French fries." —Barbie Cervoni, RD, CDE

Navigating the Menu

The majority of Wingstop’s menu items contain high-fat protein. You will also find fried foods such as boneless tenders and plentiful types of French fries, including seasoned, Buffalo Ranch, cheese, and Louisiana Voodoo—all full of sodium and calories. 

To stave off the fat and salt, you can limit yourself to two to three jumbo wings and order a couple of sides of carrots and celery for a filling meal.

What to Order & Avoid at Wingstop
 Most Nutritious Options Least Nutritious Options
Plain Wings (Jumbo Wings) Original Hot (Jumbo Wings)
Plain Wings (Boneless Wings) Cajun (Boneless Wings)
Plain (Boneless Tenders) Louisiana Rub (Boneless Tenders)
Celery Sticks (Sides) Louisiana Voodoo Fries Large (Sides)
Unsweet Tea (Beverages) Fanta Strawberry (Beverages)

Most Nutritious Option

For the healthiest meal at Wingstop, you should stick to plain wings, a side of carrots and celery, and skip a dipping sauce for the most nutritious option.

Jumbo Wings

True to its name, Wingstop is known for its chicken wings with both jumbo and boneless options. The jumbo wing choices range from plain to hot and spicy flavors such as mango habanero, spicy Korean Q, original hot, and Louisiana rub. A serving size is two pieces.

✓ Plain Jumbo Wings

The calories and fat content are low in the plain version of jumbo wings, coming in at 90 calories, 5g fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 0g carbs, 10g protein, and 30mg sodium. If you must have a dip with a plain wing, you can order the hot cheddar cheese sauce (but you will add 860 milligrams of sodium).

✗ Original Hot Jumbo Wings

The original hot jumbo wings don’t have the most calories. The highest calorie count belongs to garlic parmesan (206). The original hot offers the least nutritious content overall because they contain the most sodium compared to the other options. These wings contain 90 calories, 5g fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 0g carbohydrate, 10g protein, and 230mg sodium.

Boneless Wings

An easier way to consume wings, bone-out, unfortunately leaves no trace behind of how much you eat (except for perhaps your sticky fingers). Because you lack the bones piling up on your plate, you might feel a tendency to overindulge on these type of wings. To help you keep your calorie count down, don't eat boneless wings straight out of a bucket, as you could lose track of how many you've eaten. Rather, place a few on your plate and stick to eating those.

✓ Plain Boneless Wings

The plain version has the lowest amount of calories, sodium, carbohydrates, and saturated fat, with just 80 calories, 4.5g fat, 1g saturated fat, 6g carbs, 4g protein, and 230mg sodium. If you must have a dip, sticking with regular mustard is the best option.

✗ Cajun

The Cajun flavor of boneless wings doesn't contain the most calories. That belongs to the Garlic Parmesan with 110 calories per serving. But the Cajun wings contain the highest amount of sodium with the nutrition facts at 80 calories, 4,5g fat, 1g saturated fat, 6g carbs, 4g protein and 450mg sodium.

Boneless Tenders

All Wingstop's boneless tenders offer 7 to 14 grams of protein per serving, depending on your flavor. This is a much higher protein content than chicken wings, but tenders do come fried and breaded which is not optimal for those following a gluten-free or heart-healthy diet.

✓ Plain Boneless Tenders

With just 140 calories, 7g fat, 1g saturated fat, 10g carbs, 10g protein, and 470mg sodium, the plain tenders are the healthiest option. Notably, they offer the fewest amount of calories and sodium per tender.

✗ Louisiana Rub Boneless Tenders

This "crispy, spiced dry rub, with a distinctly Cajun drawl" offers one of the highest amounts of calories with 180 calories, 12g fat, 2g saturated fat, 10g carbs, 10g protein, and 540mg sodium; however, the Louisiana Rub doesn't offer near the highest amount of sodium. If you're following a low-sodium diet, stay away from Wingstop's Cajun, original hot, BBQ, and mild rubs.


Sides at Wingstop include vegetables, fries of various flavors, Cajun fried corn, brownies, and sauces.

✓ Veggie Sticks

Celery and carrot sticks are the healthiest option on the Wingstop menu at 5 calories, 0g fat, 0g saturated fat, 1g carbs, 0g protein, and 26mg sodium. To keep yourself from loading up on wings and tenders, ordering a couple of servings of vegetables and eating them first can help lessen your hunger before you start on the sodium-laden chicken choices.

✗ Louisiana Voodoo Fries

For anyone who must have fries, ordering seasoned fries in a medium-size will save more than 500 calories from the large Louisiana Voodoo Fries. They come in at 910 calories, 49g fat, 9g saturated fat, 100g carbs, 16g protein, and 1710g sodium.


You'll find your standard soda options, as well as various teas from popular brands, including Nestea Raspberry Tea, Lipton Tea, Gold Peak Sweet Green Tea, Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea and Gold Peak Southern Tea.

✓ Unsweet Tea

If you need something other than water to cut the heat of the chicken wings, Lipton tea has 0 calories, 0g fat, 0g saturated fat, 0g carbs, 0g protein, and 0g sodium. You need to make sure you order the unsweetened version, as the large Lipton Tea Sweet option has 280 calories per serving.

✗ Strawberry Fanta

The least nutritious beverage option is a strawberry Fanta with 283 calories, 0g fat, 0g saturated fat, 78g carbs, and 23mg sodium for a regular size. You should stick with tea, water, or diet soda if you must have a carbonated beverage.

Diet-Specific Options

Wingstop doesn’t offer a number of options for anyone with diet restrictions, as their menu is limited to chicken and sides, but you can find dishes if you follow a low-carb, gluten-free, or vegetarian option. The restaurant does not have menu items for low-FODMAP, diabetes-friendly, low-fat, or low-sodium diets.


The chicken wings, outside of the breaded tenders, are low carb. The following jumbo wing flavors only have 1 carb per serving:

  • Plain
  • Cajun
  • Original Hot
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Original Hot
  • Mild
  • Louisiana Rub


Most wing flavors are gluten-free, but some locations cook in a gluten environment with their breaded chicken tenders. You should call ahead to make sure you don't have any cross-contamination. Gluten-free options include the following:

  • Cajun
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Louisana Rub
  • BBQ
  • Original Hot
  • Atomic


As a wing restaurant franchise, vegans, and vegetarians will find limited options on the menu and will need to stick to sides, desserts, and beverages. Choices include the following:

  • Side of carrots
  • Side of celery
  • Buffalo Ranch Fries
  • Cheese Fries
  • Louisiana Voodoo Fries
  • Cajun Fried Corn
  • Brownie

Food Allergies and Safety

Wingstop cooks items in a gluten and dairy environment, though the restaurant is generally safe for people with a peanut and nut allergy. However, you should consult the online nutritional menu to ensure you order items that won’t flare up any food allergies, including fish, milk, egg, wheat, soy, and shellfish allergies. Ask employees questions about the potential cross-contamination. If the employee doesn’t know, you’re best off staying away from the menu item.

A Word From Verywell

As with other fast-food restaurants, Wingstop’s menu consists of mostly high-sodium, high-calorie menu items such as bone-in and bone-out wings with flavors ranging from mild to spicy. Even the non-fried, plain jumbo wings and boneless wings contain salt and seasoning that adds to the sodium count. To create a healthy meal (as much as possible), you can order multiple sides of carrots and celery and fill up on bright, nutritious vegetables.

To stay abreast of Wingstop’s menu choices, the chain’s nutritional content can be found on the website. When in doubt, opt for plain wings and stick to the standard ketchup and mustard for your dipping sauces. Alternatively, you can make exceptions on special occasions, like Superbowl Sunday.

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