Will Pilates Help Me Be Taller?

Women doing Pilates exercises.
Kristian sekulic/E+/Getty Images

If you have ever seen someone exit a Pilates class or left one yourself, it is likely you have remarked on how Pilates can make you taller. Spend an hour working on simultaneous strength and length, and you almost can’t help but grow. While exercise cannot literally change genetics or lengthen bones, Pilates might be the best suited to help you express your fullest height and restore your best posture. How exactly does this work? Read on.

Pilates is well-known for helping people both feel and appear to be taller. It does so in a number of ways. First, there is no better way to maximize the height you do have than to call upon good posture. When you stand tall and move with grace and ease, you give the impression of being taller. Not only do Pilates exercises teach the alignment of good posture, they provide the core strength that supports it. And, Pilates helps you carry that alignment and support into daily life movement. A consistent practice is most visibly seen in your posture. For those new to Pilates, it is common to hear your friends and family comment about how great you look. A more upright body appears leaner, tauter and stronger even if those results are still developing. One might argue that good posture does increase height, practically if not yet clinically.

The core support that Pilates develops is key to helping the body resist gravity, relieving compression in both the spine and hips. Revealing the full amount of space one has available in the vertebrae and hip joints is another way to increase height. Even if that increase is measured in millimeters, the effect is huge. It allows you to move with your full height and with a much greater level of freedom. Decompression of the spine through core support is also one of the reasons why Pilates works for back pain.

It is also significant that one of the great benefits of Pilates training is that makes people feel tall. This benefit is consistently reported by people who do Pilates regularly, and it comes about very quickly. Beginners and experienced practitioners alike report a new-found sense of length and height the longer they practice Pilates. When you feel fit and healthy, you radiate energy well beyond the bounds of your physical body.

If you are on the petite side, you do not need to be worried about starting Pilates. There are no size limitations. It works for everyone. You can always do Pilates mat exercises, and the Pilates equipment in studios is adaptable to varying heights as well.

It is also good to note that while Pilates will not affect bone length it does affect bone strength. As a resistance training system, Pilates strengthens muscles and builds bones. Both the bodyweight version of the Mat work and the equipment accomplish this.  A positive benefit of resistance training, Pilates can also help prevent osteoporosis and the skeletal shrinking and postural problems that come with it.

Edited by Alycea Ungaro