Why the Liforme Yoga Mat Is Worth the Price

Earth-Friendly Alignment Mat

Liforme Green Yoga Mat
Courtesy of Liforme

Is the Liforme Yoga Mat worth its premium price? It comes in at the top of the price bracket, even when compared to other top-quality mats. For the price, you get a mat that has the best practice surface and traction, with the added bonus of helpful alignment markings. Whether it is worth the extra money will depend on what you're willing to pay for the best yoga goods and services.

Advantages of the Liforme Yoga Mat

Alignment mats are potentially useful tools for beginners. You might wonder whether the markings might be distracting or irritating. In fact, quite the opposite is true for many yogis. Even a yogi of some experience can get a lot out of the flexible alignment guides used by Liforme. They are helpful and can improve your focus. Just having the midline clearly demarcated is a real boon. The horizontal lines allow you to check that your hands are lined up in a downward facing dog and the diagonals help you place your feet for standing poses.

Some argue that checking your alignment externally somehow distracts you from feeling it internally. But that is not the experience for everyone. This mat supports doing what works for your body and avoiding injury. Since the alignment graphic is lasered on, it has a texture that allows you to feel it as well as see it. It’s a small detail, but the aggregation of these kinds of details is what makes this mat stand out.

Design and Production Ethics

Liforme’s creator James Armitage is quick to explain how much time and effort were put into each part of the design and production process and how that affects the look and feel of this mat. Armitage has overseen the production in China personally to make sure that it is done in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

He convincingly argues that the combination of rubber and polyurethane used in his mat makes for a safe, ecological product with superior absorbency without sacrificing the quality of the practice surface.

With its distinctive graphic, taking a Liforme mat to your local studio will attract attention. This is in part due to a highly successful social media marketing campaign in which Liforme mats appear in the Instagram photos of many of the yogis you’re probably following. People recognize this mat and want to talk about it.


Given the price tag, one thing people want to talk about how long the mat will last. This can vary quite a bit, depending on how often you use it and how sweaty you get, since the salt in perspiration can be a factor. It’s not going to last forever because it's made of rubber and polyurethane, materials that will eventually deteriorate, unlike mats made of PVC which doesn’t biodegrade. However, it’s not as fragile as TPE, another degradable yoga mat material that begins to shred almost immediately. 

Bottom Line on the Liforme Yoga Mat

You often pay a premium for clothing, cosmetics, and food that have been produced with natural ingredients in ways that don’t harm the environment.

You may choose to do the same for a yoga mat, especially one that enhances your yoga experience.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.