5 Reputable Companies That Sell Pilates Equipment

Pilates studio equipment, such as the reformer, Wunda chair, Cadillac, and barrel, is a significant investment. If you are looking to purchase used or new equipment for your home or your business, it is always a good idea to comparison shop. These companies manufacture and sell high-quality equipment.

When you are deciding what type of Pilates equipment to buy, there are several factors to consider: the size of your space, the size of the equipment, its sturdiness, its appearance, and its price. You can likely find what you need from one of these companies, but first you must know your needs. You also need to be comfortable using the equipment independently, without an instructor present.

If you are considering buying professional-grade equipment for your home, do the math first. How frequently do you do Pilates at a studio? Have you found a studio with a schedule that works for you? How much do you pay for your sessions?

Crunch the Numbers

If you do Pilates twice a week and each session costs you $25, you are spending $2,600 a year on Pilates. A professional-grade reformer can cost between $3,000 and $5,000. Depending on how often you use it, you could recoup your costs in a year or two.

All companies listed sell studio equipment accessories like springs, boxes, and handles in addition to large pieces like reformers. Many also sell light equipment such as circles, balls, and mats.

Woman on Pilates reformer

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Gratz Pilates

Gratz Pilates has the distinction of being the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. The founder of Gratz worked directly with Joseph Pilates, and later designs were developed with Pilates elder Romana Kryzanowska. Gratz offers a range of studio equipment including full Cadillac conversions, reformers, Wunda chairs, mats, and boxes.

Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates has led the way in manufacturing Pilates equipment that is more portable for home and commercial use outside of Pilates studios. Peak also manufactures traditional Pilates equipment and offers demo and refurbished products for sale at a discount.

Peak sells the MVe Pilates Chair and the PilatesStick.​​ It also offers light Pilates equipment, such as mats, straps, and props.

Tirado Pilates Apparatus

Tirado Pilates Apparatus designs were reviewed and approved by Romana Kryzanowska as "adhering to the traditional and original standards." Its offerings focus on traditional equipment, as well as accessories and replacement parts, and some light equipment such as mats.

Balanced Body

Balanced Body maintains a line of traditional Pilates studio equipment but is also a significant innovator. The company has added new kinds of equipment to its line as well as produced portable large equipment for home and gym use.

Balanced Body is also the manufacturer of the Avalon chair designed by Rael Isacowitz and the CenterLine suite of Pilates equipment developed in collaboration with the founders of The Pilates Center of Boulder.

It also sells light Pilates equipment, apparel, and books, and offers streaming online classes.


Merrithew is a large, contemporary Pilates company with a long track record. Stott Pilates is one of its brands. Stott offers a full line of equipment for home and studio. Merrithew also sells light Pilates equipment.

By Marguerite Ogle MS, RYT
Marguerite Ogle is a freelance writer and experienced natural wellness and life coach, who has been teaching Pilates for more than 35 years.