Where to Buy Crazy Patterned Yoga Leggings

Basic black yoga pants still have their place, but the current trend in leggings is crazy colorful. These pants, boldly printed, neon, sparkling, the spandex manifestation of Hawaiian shirts, have booted black pants right out of their path on their way to the top (in this case, the front row of yoga classes everywhere).

One of the coolest things about this trend is that it's coming from the bottom up. No big athletic-wear company decreed that 2018 would be the year of the crazy pants, though many are now jumping on the bandwagon.

The wildest leggings are being made by smaller companies, many of them yogi-owned and manufacturing in the U.S.A.

Los Angeles is the epicenter of this movement, though companies in New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Brazil are also posting strong entries.

If you have a serious case of vibrant pants envy, these companies will bring some crazy color into your life.


Photo Courtesy of Teeki

Los Angeles-based Teeki's pants are designed for hot yoga and can also be used for surfing and other water activities. They are made in the U.S.A. of 79% P.E.T., a material made from recycled plastic bottles, and 21% spandex. The design features a wide waistband, but unlike other yoga leggings, it's not reinforced with elastic so it doesn't constrict.

They also make a bell-bottomed pant, capris, and shorts. But let's talk about the real attraction here, their amazing prints, which are beautiful, colorful, and often inspired by nature. 


Big Bang Capri by Onzie
Photo Courtesy of Onzie

Onzie's leggings do come in black, but why would you when you can have ​tie-dye, peacock, paisley, sunset, bandana, skulls, or my personal favorite, the origin of the universe (see Big Bang, above)? A great selection of fits, including a high waisted legging and several relaxed styles for those who like a looser pant, ensure that there is a way for everybody to get some of these great prints into their lives.

Made in Los Angeles, California and designed for Bikram yoga, so you know they'll hold up to sweat. They can also be used in the water for surfing or swimming.

Onzie also has a great selection of fits, including a high waisted legging and several relaxed styles for those who like a looser pant, so everybody can get some of these great prints into their lives

Om Shanti

Fractal Spiral Cleft Power Pants by Om Shanti
Photo Courtesy of Om Shanti

I looked at a lot of printed leggings for this piece, but Om Shanti's patterns made me sit up and take notice because they really bring the crazy. Lightning bolts, fractals, deep space, tropical sunsets, dragons, and many many feline prints are some of the standouts. The colors are super vibrant, as befits their place of origin, Miami.

Eagle Rock Werkshop

King Tut Legging by Eagle Rock Werkshop
Photo Courtesy of Eagle Rock Werkshop

Eagle Rock Werkshop is designed by Chriztina Marie in Los Angeles. The prints on these compression leggings really stand out. Some have an airbrushed quality while others look like photographs or drawings. The King Tut, Mexican sugar skulls, and fruits and veggies prints are truly unique.

The fabric is UPF 50 and can be worn in the water for swimming, surfing, or SUP yoga. Plus, they are made in the U.S.A. Marie says guys also like the way the leggings fit and she is working on more designs for men.


Lagoon Sparkle Leggings by Katasana
Photo Courtesy of Katasana

With Katasana's amazing sparkle leggings, you can bring the heyday of disco into the yoga studio. They are designed by yoga teacher Kat Schamens and made in New York City. Ten sparkle colors are available, plus a few other great patterns.  These pants also come in kids' sizes, because the family that sparkles together stays together.


Wild & Free Leggings by FitFit
Photo Courtesy of FitFit

FitFit leggings are designed by Joy Torres, a Brazilian turned Austinite. The pants are made in Brazil from breathable, quick-drying, UV 50+ fabric. The prints, which are updated every few weeks, range from psychedelic to tropical with a healthy dose of animal (leopard, lizard, panther, and snake, on a recent stop by their site).

Capris and shorts are also available or escalate things quickly with one of their fabulous onesies.

Purusha People

Golden Goddess Leggings by Purusha People.
Photo Courtesy of Purusha People

Back to the west coast for Purusha People, where all their clothing is made to order in L.A. If you love these look of these gold leggings, you'll be glad to know they are available in a few other metallic colors, plus the blue comes in an incredible mermaid-inspired bodysuit.

They also make tie-dye and floral patterned leggings. This is an ecological and socially conscious company you can feel good about supporting.


Aura Leggings by ZuVi
Photo Courtesy of ZuVi

Even in an article about colorful, bright leggings, Zuvi's swirly, often abstract patterns stand out. The foldable waistband lets you decide whether to go for a high or low waisted look. The leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles and spandex. They come in full length, capri, and shorts. ZuVi also makes a looser pant for yogis who want crazy fun patterns but don't do leggings.


SUP Yoga Legging by Jala
Photo Courtesy of Jala

Jala, founded by Kelly Kolterman in 2008, is a quintessential southern California brand. Colorful leggings in florals and tie-dyes, a focus on green business practices and local manufacturers, a line of UPF 50 pants designed for ​SUP yoga, and a boutique in Redondo Beach serve to cement their SoCal cred. Matching bra tops are available for many of their patterned leggings if that's your thing.

Liquido Active

Soul Sister by Tiffany Cruikshank for Liquido Active
Photo Courtesy of Liquido Active

Liquido Active is a Brazilian company specializing in swim and yoga wear. Their vibrant patterned leggings come in numerous (and frequently updated) prints, which tend toward abstract designs, both geometric and organic.

Their flattering standard cut is designed to hit just above the ankle at the bottom and above the hips at the top. Liquido also offers a full range of athletic wear including hoodies, tanks, and bras, as well as a range of different pant styles.

Hot Chakras

Birds of Paradise Leggings by Hot Chakras
Photo Courtesy of Hot Chakras

Designed and made in San Francisco, Hot Chakras is inviting men to the crazy yoga leggings party with a selection of low-waisted patterned trunks. For women, pants are available in full length, capri, or shorts. Pattern stand-outs take inspiration from the tropics, op-art, and animal prints in palettes of greens, blues, purples, and pinks.

Black Milk

Muscles Leggings by Black Milk
Photo Courtesy of Black Milk

Though not designed specifically for yoga, it's hard to resist Black Milk's Muscle Leggings, not to mention any number of their other great designs. Black Milk is an Australian company with worldwide distribution and a U.S. outpost in Los Angeles.

Judging from the pictures on their site, lots of people do wear their amazing prints (giraffe, stained glass, unicorn and rainbow, bones, to name just a few) for yoga.

By Ann Pizer, RYT
Ann Pizer is a writer and registered yoga instructor who teaches vinyasa/flow and prenatal yoga classes.