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Suzanne Somers diet plan
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Popular celebrity Suzanne Somers has developed several health programs over the years to promote anti-aging and well-being. Suzanne Somers diet plans are among the most popular. Her first program was called Somersizing. The diet books and cookbooks that explained the program became best-sellers. Many Somersize products are still available on her website, as well as her updated weight loss program Sexy Forever.

What Is Somersizing?

Somersizing was the first diet plan by Suzanne Somers after she became well-known as Chrissy on the popular 70s sitcom "Three's Company." Dieters on the Somersizing plan learn how to slim down by following one of her best-selling books:

  • Suzanne Somers' Eat Great, Lose Weight: Learn about Somersize combinations to slim down.
  • Suzanne Somers' Get Skinny on Fabulous Food: Learn how to shed pounds without dieting.
  • Suzanne Somers' Eat, Cheat and Melt the Fat Away: A revision to the original Somersize program.
  • Suzanne Somers' Fast & Easy. Learn to make quick and easy home-cooked meals for weight loss.
  • Somersize Chocolate Recipe Book: Learn to make guilt-free, chocolatey desserts to slim down.
  • Somersize Recipe Contest Cookbook: The best, award-winning Somersize recipes for weight loss.
  • Somersize Recipe Contest Cookbook, Volume 2: More recipes to help you stick to a Somersize plan.

How Does Somersizing Work?

Suzanne Somers based her books and diet plan on food combining principles. That means you pair certain foods together to achieve faster weight loss. She claims that following them can not only help you burn fat more efficiently, but also balance your hormones and improve your metabolism

According to Somers, certain foods should and shouldn't be eaten together. Foods are divided into groups called "Carbos" or "Pro/Fats" and you learn to combine foods for weight loss.

For example, you'll learn to eat fruit by itself and always include vegetables, but never starchy carbohydrates, when you eat protein or fat. Pro/fats are foods that combine with protein and fat, and a few carbohydrates are included on an "acceptable" list.

On the Suzanne Somers' diet plan you'll have to swear off most dairy foods and eliminate what Somers refers to as "funky foods." Many of these foods are refined carbs but she also includes sweets, potatoes, corn, and white rice on the list. Other foods that are off limits include nuts, whole milk, and yogurt.

There is no calorie counting and you don't have to measure the correct portion sizes for weight loss on Suzanne Somers' diet plan. You simply eat until you are no longer hungry. She this state "comfortably full".

Can I Follow Suzanne Somers Diet Plan?

Is it possible to be successful on the Somersizing plan? It depends on how dedicated you are to changing your way of life.

This plan may be a little tougher to follow than other low-carb diets because you have to pay close attention to every food you eat and then decide if it can be eaten alone or if it must be combined with another food. For some dieters, this might be too much work.

In addition, there isn't any scientific evidence supporting the concept of food combining. Eating certain foods alone and other foods in combination may not make any difference in your weight loss program.

The Bottom Line

So will you lose weight on Suzanne Somers' diet plan? If you become a dedicated Somersizer, you’ll say goodbye to starches and sugar and hello to protein and fat. Somers' diet books provide a lot of recipes but don’t provide much in the way of daily meal plans to lose weight. Instead, you will need to learn to apply the rules to your daily life and regular eating habits, rather than following a strict diet.

But it is likely that you'll lose weight if you stick to the plan. Since you cut out sugar, flour, and other "funky foods" on Suzanne Somers' diet, you will probably slim down. Eliminating those items from your diet will help you create a calorie deficit needed to lose weight.

A Word From Verywell

Many hopeful dieters follow weight loss programs developed by their favorite celebrities. This strategy isn't necessarily a bad one if you admire that person's lifestyle. Many television and fashion personalities enlist the help of nutrition professionals to create sound programs. But just because you follow the plan doesn't mean that you will end up with a body that looks anything like the celebrity you admire. So choose a plan that you think you can follow for the long term. Ask your health care team (physician, nurse practitioner, or registered dietitian) if you need help finding the best plan for you.

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