What to Eat at Domino’s: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts

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A staple of Super Bowl parties, late-night study sessions, and Friday night family dinners, Domino’s Pizza is one of the most ubiquitous restaurants throughout the world. With its in-demand food, the restaurant has developed an intensely loyal following. For example, Domino's die hards can open their own wedding registry, allowing them to request pizza for a gift instead of your typical kitchen appliances and dishes.  

If you're not a pizza enthusiast, Domino's offers a number of salads, sandwiches, and hoagies for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

What Experts Say

“Dominos serves a variety of pizza, including gluten-free and vegetarian options. To save on calories, fat, carbohydrates, and sodium, it’s best to choose a thin crust slice. Add vegetables for added fiber, vitamins, and minerals.”
Barbie Cervoni, RD, CDE

Navigating the Menu

Domino's has a number of wide-ranging toppings from the standard meat (pepperoni, ham, and sausage) to vegetables (olives, green peppers, and mushrooms, to name a few), as well as different crust types, such as the hand-tossed and handmade pan to crunchy thin and gluten-free crusts.

Domino’s also offers an expanded menu outside of pizza pies, which includes pasta, chicken, breads, salads, and sandwiches.

What to Order & Avoid at Domino's
 Most Nutritious Options Least Nutritious Options
Small Crunchy Thin Crust (Pizza) XL Hand Tossed (Pizza)
Small Pacific Veggie (Specialty Pizza) XL Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch (Specialty Pizza) 
Boneless Wings (Chicken) Honey BBQ Wings (Chicken)
Mediterranean Veggie (Sandwiches) Chicken Bacon Ranch (Sandwiches)
Chicken Alfredo (Pasta) Chicken Carbonara (Pasta)
Classic Garden Salad (Salads) Chicken Caesar (Salads)
Marbled Cookie Brownie (Desserts) Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake (Desserts)
Dasani Water (Beverage) Sunkist Orange Soda (Beverage)

Most Nutritious Option

Overall, the most nutrition option on the menu is the classic garden salad with the Ken's lite balsamic with olive oil salad dressing, but if you're craving pizza, the best option on the Domino’s menu is a crunchy thin crust pizza with marinara sauce and vegetables.


The (obviously) most popular offering on the restaurant's menu, pizza, can be ordered with the following crust types in sizes small (10"), medium (12"), large (14"), and extra large (16"):

  • Hand Tossed
  • Handmade Pan
  • Crunchy Thin Crust
  • Brooklyn Style
  • Gluten-Free Crust

The variety of pizza sauces provide some creativity with flavors ranging from marinara to alfredo to mango habanero. The toppings are fairly typical of any standard pizza parlor, with various vegetables and meat-based proteins. You can customize your order with any crust, sauce, and toppings of your choosing.

✓ Small Crunchy Thin Pizza (Per Serving)

One serving — a 1/4 pizza — of the small crunchy thin pizza contains 110 calories, 4.5g fat, 0.5g saturated fat, 15g carbohydrates, 2g protein, and 40mg sodium. This is without toppings. You can add zero-calorie vegetable toppings — including diced tomatoes, banana peppers, jalapeño peppers, onion, roasted red peppers, spinach, and diced tomatoes — for extra nutrition.

✗ XL Hand Tossed Pizza (Per Serving)

The pizza slice has 210 calories, 3g fat, 0.5g saturated fat, 39g carbohydrates, 7g protein, and 220mg sodium. To save calories and carbs, order the small thin crust (rather than the hand tossed).

Specialty Pizza

The specialty pizzas come with pre-determined ingredients in all four sizes. You can order a Memphis BBQ Chicken, Philly Cheese Steak, or Wisconsin 6 Cheese specialty pizza, to name a few. However, you should stick to creating your own pizza with no-calorie toppings for a healthier meal.

✓ Small Pacific Veggie Pizza

One serving (1/4 pizza) of the small Pacific veggie specialty pizza has 330 calories, 13g fat, 6g saturated fat, 38g carbohydrates, 13g protein, and 630mg sodium.

✗ XL Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Specialty Pizza

The XL Cali chicken bacon ranch specialty pizza has 530 calories, 29g fat, 11g saturated fat, 44g carbohydrates, 22g protein, and 1,160mg sodium. If you're craving a chicken pizza, consider ordering the Memphis BBQ chicken specialty pizza. A serving size of the XL size will also deliver 460 calories, 19g fat, 9g saturated fat, 51g carbohydrates, 20g protein, and 860mg sodium.


As a popular appetizer to a pizza entrée (especially when watching sporting events), Domino’s offers wings. The healthiest wings option doesn't contain any added marinades or sauces. You could use liquid condiments, such as mustard and ketchup, for flavoring, if you prefer.

✓ 3-Piece Boneless Wings

A 3-piece serving of boneless wings has 170 calories, 7 g fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 18g carbohydrates, 9g protein, and 660mg sodium. In general, the plain boneless chicken at Domino's is the healthiest chicken choice.

✗ 4-Piece Honey BBQ Wings

A 4-piece serving of the honey BBQ wings has 310 calories, 20g fat, 5g saturated fat, 22g carbohydrates, 15g protein, and 940mg sodium. If you must have flavored wings, the healthiest option is the classic hot Buffalo specialty chicken with 190 calories per serving.


Domino’s offers seven types of sandwiches, with one vegetarian option. All nutritional information is based on half a sandwich. You should save the other half for another meal. Eating an entire sandwich at once leads to the consumption of thousands of milligrams of sodium.

✓ Mediterranean Veggie

Half of a veggie sandwich (which is a single serving) has 350 calories, 15g fat, 8g saturated fat, 38g carbohydrates, 16g protein, and 1,210mg sodium. With banana peppers, onion, red peppers, spinach, tomatoes, and two types of cheese, this is also one of Domino's most popular vegetarian options.

✗ Chicken Bacon Ranch

The chicken bacon ranch sandwich contains 440 calories, 22g fat, 8g saturated fat, 35g carbohydrates, 22g protein, and 1,260mg sodium per half. For less calories, choose the sweet and spicy chicken habanero sandwich. It has 400 calories, 16g fat, and 22g protein per serving.


As an establishment offering Italian cuisine, you can also order pasta. But you should stick to either pasta or pizza (not both), as each dish contains enough calories for a full meal, as well as high amounts of sodium.

✓ Chicken Alfredo

The chicken Alfredo pasta dish has 600 calories, 29g fat, 17g saturated fat, 60g carbohydrates, 25g protein, and 1,110mg sodium. While the pasta primavera has fewer calories (530), the 25g protein in the chicken Alfredo makes it a bit more nutritious.

✗ Chicken Carbonara

The chicken carbonara pasta, on the other hand, has 690 calories, 34g fat, 19g saturated fat, 63g carbohydrates, 30g protein, and 1,370mg sodium. The only other pasta dish on the menu — the Italian sausage marinara — is not much more nutritious. It's higher in calories than the chicken carbonara and only 27g protein.


Starting your meal off with a healthy salad and can help you avoid consuming excessive pizza slices, and provide a dose of nutritious vegetables. Skipping the bread sides will lower the carb count of your meal.

✓ Classic Garden Salad

As the most nutritious item on the menu, the classic garden salad has 100 calories, 4g fat, 2g saturated fat, 8g carbohydrates, 3g protein, and 120mg sodium.

✗ Chicken Caesar

The chicken Caesar salad, meanwhile, will provide 220 calories, 8g fat, 3g saturated fat, 14g carbohydrates, 18g protein, and 570mg sodium. Since these are the only two salad options on the menu, choose the one that best satisfies your cravings and ask for dressing on the side to limit the amount of sodium and sugar.


Domino’s has a limited desserts menu that includes cake, cookies, and a brownie. You can also order cinnamon bread twists for a sweet end to your meal (as you long as you didn't go overboard with pizza or pasta).

✓ Marbled Cookie Brownie

One serving of the marbled cookie brownie option has 200 calories, 10g fat, 3.5g saturated fat, 26g carbohydrates, 2g protein, and 125mg sodium. If you're craving a sweet end to your meal, make this your choice.

✗ Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake

On the other hand, the chocolate lava crunch cake has 360 calories, 19g fat, 10g saturated fat, 46g carbohydrates, 4g protein, and 160mg sodium. It also packs in 29g total sugars, so consider splitting this dessert with a friend.


Domino’s offers the standard Coke and orange soda options, as well as Dasani bottled water and Powerade,

✓ Dasani Water

The bottled water has 0 calories, 0 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 0 g carbohydrates, 0 g protein, and 0 mg sodium. In general, water will be your most nutritious and best option anywhere, including Domino's.

✗ Sunkist Orange Soda

The 20 ounces of orange soda contains 540 calories, 0g fat, 0g saturated fat, 0g carbohydrates, 0g protein, and 180mg sodium. Simply skipping this and ordering water will save you an entire meal's worth of calories.

Diet-Specific Options

Despite this carb-rich establishment, you can still stick to a number of specific diets by staying educated on the nutritional information, which you can find on Domino's website.

Patrons following gluten-free, low-fat, low-sodium, and vegetarian diets can find appropriate entrees at Domino’s, but the restaurant does not have options for those looking for low-carb, low-FODMAP, diabetes-friendly, and vegan diets.


Domino’s Gluten-free Crust contains no rye, barley, or wheat, and has a gluten content of less than 20 parts per million. However, the gluten-free crust gets made in the same kitchen as the hand tossed and handmade pan pizzas. Meaning, you could face cross contamination, and you should eat with caution.

To create a gluten-free dish at Domino's, order the gluten-free crust, but be aware of the possible contamination.


  • Classic Garden Salad
  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Spinach and Feta Cheesy Bread
  • Hand Tossed Pizza
  • Boneless Chicken

Patrons following a low-fat diet for weight loss can find options at Domino’s. To keep pizza low fat, order veggie toppings and light or no cheese. Skip white sauces, extra cheese, and meat-based toppings.


  • Classic Garden Salad
  • Hand Tossed Crust with Marinara Sauce
  • Gluten-Free Pizza
  • Crunchy Thin Pizza
  • Brooklyn Pizza

To stave off added salt for a heart-healthy meal, order the hand tossed crust pizza with marinara sauce.


  • Pizza with vegetable or cheese toppings, any crust
  • Classic Garden Salad
  • Garlic Bread Twists
  • Spinach & Feta Stuffed Cheesy Bread
  • Pasta Primavera

You can follow a vegetarian diet by ordering meatless toppings for your pizza and vegetarian salads and sandwiches. Vegans will find eating at Domino’s challenging, as the pizza crust contains dairy.

Food Allergies and Safety

For anyone with common food allergens and intolerances, such as gluten, tree nuts, soy, and dairy, you need to take necessary precautions with your order. To protect yourself, you can perform the following:

  • Ask questions of the staff about how the food is prepared. You could experience cross contamination in the kitchen. For example, the gluten-free crust is prepared in the same space as the hand crust, and the two could mix.
  • Familiarize yourself with Domino’s allergen information, which you can find on the website. Any major food allergens associated with the establishment’s ingredients are summarized in an easy-to-read chart.
  • Modify menu items. For example, you can still order a specialty pizza, but ask for specific toppings removed. (For example, those who are lactose intolerant can skip cheese and order a thin crust pizza.)

A Word From Verywell

The customizable pizzas at Domino’s allow you to create healthy pies, such as ordering the marinara sauce (that contains only five calories per serving), zero-calorie vegetable toppings, and no cheese on a crunchy thin or gluten-free crust. For patrons following specialty diets and looking to avoid eating pizza altogether, Domino's offers boneless wings, healthy salads, and vegetarian sandwiches.

You can consume a nutritious meal by loading up on veggie toppings, salads without creamy dressings, and sticking to single servings of pizza. This will keep your intake level of carbs, sodium, and saturated fat at bay.

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By Jennifer Purdie, M.Ed, CPT
Jennifer Purdie, M.Ed, is a certified personal trainer, freelance writer, and author of "Growth Mindset for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers."