6 Things to Do With Cauliflower Rice

bowl of cauliflower rice on table

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You probably know that cauliflower rice is an amazing swap for starchy carbs, but you may not know all the creative ways it can be used. Cauliflower is a good source of folate, a B vitamin that's needed to make DNA and other genetic material, as well as for your cells to divide. It's also an excellent source of bone-optimizing vitamin K and immune-enhancing vitamin C.

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower also contain a group of substances known as glucosinolates, which are sulfur-containing chemicals that are responsible for the pungent aroma and bitter flavor of cruciferous vegetables.

Here are 6 clever ideas for incorporating cauliflower rice into your life. Before we start, get familiar with a quick tutorial on how to make cauliflower rice. You can also buy it pre-made and just cook until tender. Now you have a base for all the deliciousness coming your way.

6 Ways to Use Cauliflower Rice

Try out these ideas to help you eat more cauliflower rice.

Bake It in Casseroles

Cauliflower rice can be used anywhere you’d use regular white or brown rice, including casseroles! Swapping out rice for cauliflower can reduce the carbohydrate content and contribute additional antioxidants along with vitamins and minerals.

We love building a baked dish by combining it with broccoli, chopped chicken breast, and a mix of light cheeses.

Put It in a Burrito or Sandwich Wrap in Place of Rice

Including cauliflower rice in a burrito will give you the texture and mild taste of rice for less calories. Plus, it goes great with just about anything. 

Try it in a burrito or a chicken wrap. What a fun twist on a traditional lunchtime meal!

Make Cauliflower Crust Pizza

This is a good one! Pizza crust made from cauliflower is one of the best healthy-eating hacks around, and it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. Toss the cauliflower rice in a food processor, and reduce to coarse crumbs. Then nuke it and press out as much moisture as possible. Mix with egg whites, light cheese, and seasonings; form into a crust, and bake until browned. Voila! Now you have the perfect vehicle for all your favorite pizza toppings.

Sauce, part-skim mozzarella, fresh basil, turkey pepperoni—the list is endless. That's one of several low-carb ways to satisfy a pizza craving.

Make Fried Rice

Fried rice is delicious but can often be laden with calories and fat. You can swap out rice for cauliflower and instead of frying it, you can saute it instead. Just cook up some cauliflower rice with onion, frozen peas & carrots, garlic, teriyaki sauce, and a touch of sesame oil. You can even add an egg to give your meal a more traditional fried rice flavor. Now you’ve got yourself a nutritious and delicious fried rice alternative!

Cauliflower rice may also be swapped for traditional rice if you are ordering or preparing a cuisine that serves rice on the side. Replacing rice for cauliflower rice can more or your meal more filling for less calories and carbohydrates.

Mix It in Slow-Cooked Soup

How about a nice chicken and rice soup to replace classic chicken noodle? Cauliflower rice fills out a slow-cooked soup perfectly. Just add it during the last 20 minutes or so of cook time. It's so easy, which is why we love healthy slow-cooker recipes.

By Lisa Lillien
Lisa Lillien is a New York Times bestselling author and the creator of Hungry Girl, where she shares healthy recipes and realistic tips and tricks.