What Kind of Walker Are You?

Walkers differ in where, how long, how often, and how fast they like to walk. If you want to take up walking for health and fitness, you will be more likely to stick with it if you match your workouts with your preferred kind of walking. Use this quiz to see what type of walker you are and then find the walking activities that will suit you best.


Quiz to Find Your Walking Style

Three Women Walking on Shoreline
Three Women Walking on Shoreline. Hero Images/Getty Images

Check the questions below. For each, score yourself with a letter. At the end, see which letter you have the most of. Then see more about your preferred walking style.

1. How long do you prefer to walk?

  • A. Over 2 hours
  • B. 15 minutes to 1 hour
  • C. Two hours
  • D. About an hour

2. How fast do you prefer to walk?

  • A. Easy
  • B. Easy to brisk
  • C. Steady
  • D. As fast as I can

3. How often do you do your walking?

  • A. When I can get away
  • B. Most days of the week
  • C. Weekends
  • D. On a defined training schedule

4. How often do you go on organized walks or races?

  • A. Very rarely
  • B. Once in awhile to keep things interesting
  • C. I do most my walking is at organized walks or races
  • D. Frequently—to win!

5. Do you like keeping track of your walks?

  • A. No, I just walk.
  • B. I should. I hear it helps keep you on track.
  • C. Yes. Recording my walks is great incentive.
  • D. Yes—speed, distance, time, shoe mileage. You name it, I love to track it.

6. Do you want to get awards or recognition for walking?

  • A. No, I don't really care, I do it for myself and for the experience.
  • B. I like getting a T-shirt or ribbon from a charity walk.
  • C. I want an award every time I walk, just for finishing.
  • D. I want to win my medals and trophies by being faster than everyone else in my classification.

7. What kind of walking routes do you prefer?

  • A. Getting out on trails and into nature.
  • B. My usual neighborhood route plus occasional trails or charity walks or walk/runs.
  • C. I love doing new trails all the time, chosen by other walkers in walkable places.
  • D. I prefer the track.

8. Do you like to meet other walkers?

  • A. No, I prefer the environment, not the people.
  • B. I'm happy with my walking partner or going solo.
  • C. I often meet other walkers at walking events or in my walking club.
  • D. I love meeting other walkers, and then beating them in a race.

9. What kind of walking animal do you see yourself as?

  • A. Mountain goat
  • B. Gazelle
  • C. Horse
  • D. Greyhound

10. How do you feel about hills?

  • A. I love the view from the top.
  • B. A few are OK. I know they are good for my workout.
  • C. I want to know how the route is rated so I can prepare myself.
  • D. No hills—they slow me down.

11. What kind of walking surface do you prefer?

  • A. Natural trails and dirt paths.
  • B. Sidewalks, bike lanes, greenway paths
  • C. I don't mind variety—natural trails as well as pavement.
  • D. I want a smooth and responsive track.

12. Do you walk in rain or cold or heat?

  • A. Only if I get caught in a sudden storm.
  • B. I hate it. I hit the treadmill or mall instead if I can.
  • C. I'll walk if there's a walking event I just can't miss.
  • D. I stick with my training and racing schedule.

Tally up how many of each letter you chose. Now leap to the result that tells you about your walking personality.


Type A: Your Walking Personality Is Hiker

Trail Walking and Hiking
Trail Walking and Hiking. Hero Images/Gettty Images

You would enjoy hiking—getting off the road and onto the trail, enjoying nature and natural paths. If you have never hiked before, you will want to learn some hiking basics. One thing to consider is wearing trail shoes that will protect your feet from rocks, give you good traction on soft surfaces, and support your ankles. A pair of trekking poles or a hiking stick can help you on uneven ground.

Some hikes and treks take training, such as when you will be walking hills or at high altitude. You may also train for a long distance trek, such as walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.


Type B: Your Walking Personality Is Fitness Walker

Two Women Fitness Walking on Paved Park Path
Two Women Fitness Walking on Paved Park Path. digitalskillet/E+/Getty Image

You enjoy walking as a fitness activity or you are a beginner who wants to get started walking. Brisk walking is a moderate-intensity physical activity and it is recommended that you get at least 150 minutes a week, or even more if you want to keep weight off. For this walking personality, set up a walking workout schedule that varies the types of workouts for the best all-around fitness.

Add some purpose to your walking workouts by training for charity walks and endurance walks, such as a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or marathon walk.


Type C: Your Walking Personality Is Group Walker

Senior Walking Club Group Walk
Walking Club Group Walk. Christopher Futcher/E+/Getty Images

You would enjoy joining a walking group or club for fun, fitness, and friendship. You want a variety of walks and to walk with other walkers. You can often find walking clubs at local fitness, health, and senior facilities. Also explore Meetup.com groups for walking.

The largest walking club organization is the International Volkssport Federation (IVV). These walking clubs create 10K (6.2 mile) weekend walking events that are open to the public to enjoy. Plus, they have thousands of self-guided walking routes you can enjoy any time. It is a worldwide program.


Type D: Your Walking Personality Is Racewalker

Woman Powerwalking on Road
Brisk Walking. Comstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

You would enjoy racewalking—walking for speed, competing, and winning medals and races. You can learn to walk faster and finish charity walks and fun runs more quickly. Or, learn the Olympic-style racewalk technique and join in judged competitions.

Once you can walk fast, you may want to find walker-friendly 10K, half-marathons, and marathons to earn awards and set new personal records.

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