Small steps will help you achieve your weight loss goal. Find tips, guides, workouts and more resources to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.
woman measuring weist
Will a Vibration Machine Help Me Lose Weight?
Diet culture explanation
What Is Diet Culture?
Woman jogging
What is Subcutaneous Fat?
Old wooden table with Stevia Granules (selective focus)
Truvia vs. Stevia: How They Compare, According to Dietitians
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What Is Weight Bias?
pregnant woman doing yoga
Is It Safe To Lose Weight While Pregnant?
Woman wiping her forehead with a towel in the gym
What You Should Know About Albolene Weight Loss Fad
woman checking fitness watch while working out on beach
How Does Fat Leave the Body When You Lose Weight?
Businessman eating and working at desk
What Does HALT Stand For and How Can It Help You Lose Weight?
medi weight loss
What Is Medi-Weightloss?
Smart Ways to Include Garlic into Your Weight Loss Plan
Woman doing lunges in a gym
How to Lose Thigh Fat With Medical and Natural Methods
Full Length Of Young Woman Doing Yoga At Gym
How Melatonin Helps With Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
Dad cooking with daughters
7 Ways to Help Mom and Dad to Exercise and Eat Right
Focused women exercising in exercise class at gym
Do You Know Why You Sweat So Much During Exercise?
Man carrying full shopping basket in grocery store
How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Foods for Men
Man running outside
Why Calories Needed for Men and Women Are Different
Coconut Oil
How Coconut Oil May Help You Lose Body Fat
woman with stomach rolls sitting down
Can You Get Rid of Belly Fat Rolls?
Hands holding a comb full of hair fallen
Why Nutritional Changes May Cause Hair Loss
Lean Cuisine diet
Will Microwavable Diet Meals Help You Slim Down?
Man drinking shake in kitchen
Does Shakeology Work for Weight Loss?
Two women talking at a desk
What Does It Mean to Be Underweight?
Weight Loss Wraps
The Truth About Body Wraps and Weight Loss
Weight Fluctuation -- illustration by Jiaqi Zhou
This Is Why Your Weight Fluctuates Day to Day
Young lady look at nutrition labels in supermarket
What 2,000-Calorie Diet Means on a Nutrition Label
5 Calorie-Saving Bread Swaps for Sandwich Making
How to Swap out Bread for Healthier Sandwich Options
Woman making a cup of tea
What is Water Weight and Do I Need to Get Rid of It?
Weight Watchers snack ideas
7 Smart WW (Weight Watchers) Snacks You Can Make at Home or Buy
nutrition labels for good health
How to Read Nutrition Labels
close-up of woman's ankles walking outside with hiking poles
Diet Tricks and Exercises to Improve the Appearance of "Cankles"
Cut meals in half to lose weight
6 Simple Tricks to Supercharge Your Diet and Lose More Weight
Artificial sweeteners on a table.
Understanding the Effects of Artificial Sweeteners
Do carbs make you gain weight
Can Adding More Carbs to Your Diet Cause Weight Gain?
3 Reasons to Go a Little Nuts When Losing Weight
Plate setting with pie chart with processed foods
What Are Empty Calories and How Many Should You Eat?
Ideal Weight Calculator: Weight, Height, and BMI Charts
Woman pushes bike along sandy beach
Essential Dos and Don'ts for Weight Loss in Women Over 40
Women jogging in Central Park New York
6 Steps to Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals Quickly
Woman in grocery store reading nutrition label
How to Use NLEA Serving Sizes to Outsmart Food Labels and Lose Weight
use a smart phone app as a food journal
How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day?
Multi-ethnic mature couple preparing food
The Perfect Healthy Exercise and Diet Plans for Seniors
why do I keep gaining weight
7 Reasons for Unwanted Weight Gain
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10 Things to Consider If You Are Struggling to Lose Weight
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Do Stretch Marks Go Away If You Lose Weight?
Woman doing a sit up
6 Common Causes of Belly Fat
calories in food
What Is a Calorie? How to Use Calorie Counts to Meet Goals
close up of hands holding cup of coffee in cafe
Why You May Not Want to Skip Breakfast
Person pouring blueberries into a blender
Weight Watchers: Pros, Cons, and What You Can Eat
Jenny Craig diet
What Is the Jenny Craig Diet?
Woman measuring hips with tape measure
How to Measure Your Waist-to-Hip Ratio
what is fat free mass
What Are the Benefits of Fat-Free Body Mass?
Energy Expenditure
How to Boost Your Daily Energy Expenditure
Family eating a meal together
How to Deal With a Food Pusher
Woman smiling and flexing after overcoming her weight loss barriers
Weight Loss Barriers Could Be Holding You Back From Results
Woman walking on bridge with yoga mat and water bottle
How to Overcome 5 Psychological Blocks to Weight Loss
various breakfast foods
How to Make a Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss
woman looking in the fridge
Hunger Signs: How to Recognize and Interpret Body Cues
Peanut butter
How to Lose Weight with Peanut Butter
woman cooking healthy
How to Cut Calories In A Healthy Way