The 9 Best Water Bottle Carriers and Packs to Buy for Walking/Jogging in 2018

The hydration rule for walkers and runners is to drink when thirsty. Carrying your own water or sports drink is the surest way to be able to do so during your workouts. These packs and carriers allow you to take along a water bottle without wearing a backpack or having to carry a water bottle in your hand. Features to look for include reflective elements for safety, a strap to attach your jacket after warming up, and the right amount of storage for your length of walk or run.

These packs will hold up to 20 ounces of water. If you will need more water, you'll have to refill the bottles or consider switching to a higher-capacity hydration pack.

Ultimate Direction Access 20

Ultimate Direction has been making great hydration waist packs for many years. The angled water bottle holster for quick access to the 20-ounce bottle. It has reflective piping for night safety. It has a smartphone-compatible pocket with an interior divider so you can organize your essentials and snack.The bungee cord will hold a light jacket or other items you need to stash. The water bottle has a kicker valve for easier access without leakage and a thumb loop for quick grabbing.

Orange Mud HydraQuiver

If you don't like wearing something on your waist, this minimalist pack lets you carry your water and essentials on your back. You have handy access to your bottle. But even better, there are two stretchy pockets on the shoulder straps that can hold your phone, energy snacks, and more. The zippered pocket in back holds even more essentials and has a security key clip. It also has eyelets for adding shock cord to tie down your jacket or other essentials.

Nathan Mercury 2 Hydration Belt

This minimalist hydration belt carries two 10 ounce flasks on a breathable neoprene belt. It has a smartphone-compatible stretch mesh zip pocket and reflective trim for safety. Go light but have what you need—water and/or sports drink and your essentials. This pack comes in a variety of colors to match your style. A drawback is that you can only really use it with the flasks provided.

Hold Your Water Bottle Holder

Use this holder to clip a water bottle to your waistband or belt. If you're wearing a waist pack that doesn't have a bottle holder, this is an easy way to add one. The Hold Your Water holder has a spring clip that will fit over a belt up to 2-inches wide. The stiff plastic back holds the water bottle upright. You add the bottle into the elastic holder. It works best with a 16-ounce to 20-ounce water bottle.

Camelbak Delaney

The Delaney is designed for speed. It comes with a 21-ounce Podium Chill bottle, which is a squeezable BPA-free plastic bottle. It has a small essentials zip pocket. The pack is made with perforated foam for comfort and breathability. It has front and back reflective piping for safety.

Nathan Peak Waist Pack Hydration Belt

The Peak features Nathan's 18-ounce "Ergological" SpeedDraw Flask in an insulated bottle holder. The belt is bounce-free. The zippered stretch pocket holds your essentials. Best of all, it has a shock cord for attaching other necessary items that don't fit into the pocket. However, if you want to use it with a typical round water bottle, it might not hold the bottle well.

Fuel Belt

Fuel Belt offers a variety of hydration belts. The Helium Ultralight belt has two 10-ounce flasks that you can fill with water or sports drink. It also has a water-resistant zippered storage pocket to use for essentials or energy gel. It's designed to be bounce-free. For races, it has detachable micro race locks for your bib number.

Amphipod Full Tilt

The Amphipod Full Tilt system is contoured to fit snugly into your lumbar area with no bouncing and is easy to wear under a jacket. The 20-ounce water bottle is contoured and fits securely in its sleeve. It is surrounded top and bottom by zippered pouches to carry small essentials. Fast walkers and racewalkers would find this style excellent for moving with their body.

Nathan Triangle Waist Pack

This pack has a slanted, insulated bottle holder with a water bottle. The zippered compartment is big enough for ID but too small for most cell phones. It has an elastic retention strap for the water bottle and reflective trim. It comes in a variety of colors.


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