Walking the Tel Aviv Promenade to Jaffa (Yafo) Israel

Along the Mediterranean Sea

Tel Aviv, Israel has 14 kilometers of walking/biking paths along the Mediterranean Sea. This promenade begins at the Tel Aviv Marina just north of Gordon Beach. It proceeds over four kilometers through sections named the Shlomo Lahat Promenade and Charles Clore Park to the port of Old Jaffa. The pathway disappears as you weave your way through the port area to once again pick up a new promenade that continues south through Slope of Jaffa Park.

As a side trip, detour through Old Jaffa to explore the artist's shops, St. Peter's Church, Abrasha Park, and museums. This is a pleasant walk if you are new to Tel Aviv or a repeat visitor.

The promenade is an area safe enough for women to walk unescorted. You will see many joggers, walkers, and families enjoying the parks and beaches.

Along the beach, you can workout on Greenfields exercise stations approximately every mile. People play on the beach with beach volleyball, kite sailing, kite flying, and bathing.

The Tel Aviv Promenade starts at the Marina and Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. From this point, it is four to five kilometers to Old Jaffa (Yafo).

Hotels cluster around the Marina and Gordon Beach area. The sandy beaches have volleyball nets and sun shelters and are popular with bathers. The path at this point is wide, with walkers and runners more common than bikers. There are takeaway food stands and restaurants and public restrooms available.


Tel Aviv Promenade at Dawn

Tel Aviv Promenade on Mediterranean Sea

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Enjoy a dawn walk on the Tel Aviv Promenade. This photo is near Gordon Beach, just south of the Marina.

You can enjoy a great walk in the morning up and down the Tel Aviv Promenade along the Mediterranean Sea. You will be in good company as locals and people staying at the nearby hotels will also be out getting their morning constitutionals.


Sign for Shlomo (Cheech) Lahat Promenade

Shlomo Cheech Lahat Promenade Tel Aviv Israel

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The Tel Aviv Promenade is named for former Mayor Shlomo Lahat.

The Tel Aviv promenade was first built in 1939. It was demolished and renovated in the 1980s to provide the wide, walkable promenade of today.

Beach barriers were also built to provide for swimming safety. Signs designate safe swimming areas.

There are sun shelters along the sandy beaches and free beach access in most areas. Bathers wear skimpy western swimwear and most pedestrians are in western clothing. This is regarded as a safe area to walk solo.


Charles Clore Park

Charles Clore Park Tel Aviv Israel

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Charles Clore Park is about a mile in length between Tel Aviv and Jaffa. You can walk next to the sea or along other broad paths. Restrooms are available.

If you want a shorter walk from your hotel, Charles Clore Park is a nice destination for watching the Mediterranean Sea and enjoying people-watching. It's an easy stroll from the Gordon Beach area. You will have the amenities you need, including benches and a restroom.


Charles Clore Park Walkways and Jaffa View

Charles Clore Park Walkways on Mediterranean Sea Tel Aviv Israel

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Enjoy the views from Charles Clore Park either by continuing your walk south to Jaffa (Yafo) in the distance or taking up a bench to watch the sea.

Wide walkways invite you to keep moving or to stop and enjoy the view. Bring along a picnic and grab a bench to gaze, meditate, people-watch, and relax.


Greenfield Sport Parks Exercise Stations

Seaside Greenfields Exercise Stations in Tel Aviv Israel

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These Greenfield Sport Parks are stationed about every mile along the seaside promenade from Tel Aviv to Jaffa and Jaffa Slope Park.

Outdoor exercise equipment is free to use along the Tel Aviv Promenade. These stations say they are restricted to people age 14 or older.


Etzel House Museum, Tel Aviv

Etzel House Museum Tel Aviv Israel

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The Etzel House Museum has displays on the takeover of Jaffa by Jewish troops in 1948.

This museum tells the story of the takeover of Jaffa by 600 Etzel (Irgun) troops led by Menachem Begin, who would later serve as prime minister of Israel. Jaffa had long been a Arab city, while Tel Aviv to the north was settled by Jewish immigrants. Thirty-two people were killed in the assault and most Arab residents fled. The rubble was offered to artists to put in sweat equity and establish their workshops and galleries at street level while living over their shops. This transformed it into the artist colony it is today.

A passport or other official identification is needed to enter the museum, and there is an admission charge.


View of Old Jaffa From the Seaside Promenade

View of Jaffa Israel from Promenade

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South of Charles Clore Park, we continue on the seaside promenade towards Old Jaffa (Yafo). There are a few nice seaside restaurants in this area.

Walking the promenade, you may be tempted to stop in at restaurants along the sea. This is a great way to replenish yourself with the excellent, fresh cuisine found in Israel. But you may feel the urge to keep going to Jaffa (Yafo) beckoning ahead of you.


Trail Marker on Tel Aviv Promenade

Walking Marker Between Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa Israel

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A marker along the Tel Aviv Promenade shows that we are only 250 meters from Jaffa (Yafo) and 4750 from the northern Tel Aviv end of the promenade.

We've come almost five kilometers from the Gordon Beach area and are almost to Jaffa now. It is a pleasant walk with parks, restaurants, restrooms and a wide walking/biking path.


Sign to Jaffa Visitor's Center at End of Promenade

Sign to Jaffa Visitors Center from Promenade

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When we reach Jaffa, the promenade ends. You can go up the stairs into Old Jaffa or continue south through the port to pick up the promenade again.

Walkers can now go up the hill to enjoy Old Jaffa, or extend their walk through the ancient port of Jaffa and south to Jaffa Slope Park and beyond.

At this point, you are about five kilometers (three miles) south of the Marina and Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv.


Sign in Jaffa Port Area

Sign Post at Port of Jaffa Israel

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The dedicated walking path peters out but you can find your way through the port of Jaffa with signs and just following your nose south.

Signs are commonly in Hebrew, Arabic, and English in Tel Aviv. This is very helpful for people who can only read English script and can't even begin to make out the alphabet in Hebrew or Arabic.


Port of Jaffa (Yafo) Israel

Port of Jaffa Israel

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Jaffa has been a port city since ancient times and remains an active port today.

Archaeologists say Jaffa has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, 7500 BCE.

Biblical legend says that one of the sons of Noah, Japheth, built it after surviving the Great Flood in the Ark. This is also the port where Jonah fled from God, only to be swallowed by a whale.


Slope of Jaffa Park

Slope of Jaffa Park

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Continuing south from the port of Jaffa, the hill of Slope of Jaffa Park beckons.

After winding through the port of Jaffa area, you'll spy the Slope of Jaffa Park with its distinctive hill. The path circles its way up the hill for a viewpoint of Jaffa. The park continues with a weave of walkways, playgrounds and exercise equipment. But I was unable to locate a restroom. Arab families were enjoying the park.


View of Jaffa Port From the Slope of Jaffa Park

View of Jaffa Port from Slope of Jaffa Park

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Circle up to the viewpoint in Slope of Jaffa Park for this view north of the port and Old Jaffa.

The viewpoint at the top of Slope of Jaffa Park gives you a vista north, seeing the port where Jonah might have tried to escape before being swallowed by the whale. You can also see Old Jaffa.


Walking and Biking Path - Slope of Jaffa Park

Bicycle and Walking Path Slope of Jaffa Park Israel

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The walking and biking path are being extended further to the south from Jaffa Slope Park.

The path is new and modern, with separate lanes for bikes and walkers/runners.

We did not locate any restrooms in the Jaffa Slope area.


Ottoman Clock Tower, Jaffa, Israel

Ottoman Clock Tower Jaffa Israel

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On my way back north to the promenade, pass by the Jaffa Ottoman Clock Tower, built in 1906 in honor of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

There are many restaurants and coffee shops in this area to refresh yourself before heading back north on the promenade.


View of Tel Aviv and Promenade From Jaffa, Israel

View of Tel Aviv from Jaffa Israel

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On the hill of Old Jaffa, you can enjoy this panoramic view to the north of the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv.

Restrooms are available at the Visitor's Center and St. Peters Church area in Old Jaffa.

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