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Shoes, Apparel, and Gear

Stock up on the best walking gear with these buying guides and reviews. Learn how to find great walking shoes, clothing, socks, sports bras, and more.
Foot Arch in Mirror
Shoes and Insoles to Help High Arches
Wright Sock Extra Wide Double Layer Crew Sock
Do You Need Wide Socks, Too?
woman swimming checking fitness watch
Finding Waterproof Pedometers to Measure Your Swim Workouts
How to Fix Your Fitbit Wristband Clasp Problems
Yaktrax Pro
Gain Some Winter Traction With These Shoe Cleats
Two friends with headlamps walking together at night
Options for Lighting the Way During Your Walks at Night
Man walking on treadmill in gym
5 Solutions for Men Who Need Chest Support and Compression
Thorlo Women's Thin-Cushion Walking Mini Crew Sock
Wick Away Moisture and Help Prevent Blisters by Wearing the Right Socks
Close-Up Of Sports Shoes On Road
The Important Parts of Walking and Running Shoes
Man lacing up his shoes
How to Lace Your Shoes for the Best Fit
Shoe lasts
How Shoe Lasts Work for Athletic Shoe Construction
man tying his shoes
The Differences Between Running and Walking Shoes
woman's hands tying shoelaces on running shoes
Are Running Shoes Good for Fitness Walking?
Low view of woman walking wearing walking shoes
Do You Really Need Bigger Walking Shoes?
Walking shoes
When Should You Replace Your Walking Shoes?
New Balance Shoes
How to Pick the Right New Balance Shoes Your Walks
ABEO Capistrano Sandal full
How to Find Sandals for Trail and Fitness Walking
Woman wearing walking shoes
The Truth About Walking Shoes
Athletic Shoes in Boxes
When Should You Return Your New Athletic Shoes?
Black Athlete Sprinting On The Street.
How to Stop Your Shoes From Getting Smelly
Convertible Pants - Shorts vs. Capris
Should You Pack Convertible Pants for Walking?
Skechers Shape-Ups 2.0 Comfort Walking Shoes
What Happened to Skechers Shape-Ups?
SAS Freetime
Pros and Cons of Wearing Sas Comfort Shoes for Walking
Icebug Boot
Get a Grip with Icebug Winter Traction Boots
ABEO 3400
How do the ABEO AEROsystem Walking Shoes Perform?
Ready to Walk
Why Weighted Shoes Are Not Recommended for Fitness Walkers
woman hiking in mountains
Walk the Distance With a Virtual Walking App
FlipBelt in Gym
The FlipBelt Sport Belt Review
Apple Watch App Screen
Apple Watch Features Walkers Love
Woman walking and listening to music
What's Your Favorite Walking Workout Music?
Man drinking water after exercise
How to Stay Cool on Long Walks in the Heat
Woman looking at fitness tracker while walking outside
Pedometer Walking Programs to Challenge You
Pedometer on a waistband
How to Fix Malfunctioning Step Counters
Fitbit Flex Activity Data on App
How Accurate Is Your Fitness Band for Counting Calories?
New Fitbit Force, sport fitness tracker
Hacks for When You Forget to Wear Your Pedometer
You Can Go Far in 1 Million Steps
How Long Would It Take You to Record 1 Million Steps on Your Pedometer?
WalkFit Orthotic
WalkFit Reviews: Expert Opinions on Orthotic Insoles
FootBalance Max Insole
Can FootBalance Custom Molded Insoles Make a Difference?
Dr. Scholl's Insoles and Orthotics
Is Dr. Scholl's FootMapping Useful?
Foot Problems
Are Your Foot Problems From Bad Shoe Inserts?
Older Nalgene Lexan Polycarbonate Bottle
Do Bottled Water Bottles Leach Bisphenol A?
Mature male hiker looking away in forest
Enjoy the Outdoors by Making Your Own Walking Stick for Trails
Walkers and runners await a race start
There Are Different Hat Options Available for Walking
Wobble Stool
Activate Your Sitting Muscles by Using a Wobble Stool While Working
Two walkers stretching near track in fitness apparel with water bottles and towel
15 Things You Need for Walking
Smiling senior women walking, exercising in sunny park
Bringing the Right Essentials With You for a Comfortable Walk
Walking With Weights
How to Burn More Calories Walking Without Weights
Is It Safe to Reuse My Bottled Water Bottle?
Is It Safe to Reuse My Bottled Water Bottle?
Wearing a Weight Vest
Why Would You Wear Weight Vest for a Walking Workout?
Nordic Walking - Releasing Pole on Backstroke
Nordic Walking and Exerstriding Fitness Pole Walking Methods
Senior woman walking with her dog over a meadow
How You Can Use Dog Walking for a Great Exercise
Pretty Toes in Flip Flops
Get Better Flip Flops for Happier Feet
Woman pulls her training gear out of the trunk to exercise in the open on the snow
How to Keep Your Feet Warm and Prevent Frostbite on a Cold Walk
Woman on winter hiking with dog, in the relaxation moment, looking at the mountain Transylvania,Ocolis, Alba, Romania
How You Should Properly Dress to Walk in Cold Weather
Race T-shirts
Ways to Reuse or Recycle T-shirts and Preserve Your Race Memories
Walking on a track
Why You Need Different Walking Shoes for Sidewalks vs. Asphalt
Austria, Tyrol, young man with map in mountainscape
Right and Wrong Ways to Wear a Backpack for Preventing Pain
Woman checking a fitness tracker
How to Get Paid to Walk Using Apps
Man on Treadmill with Smartphone
Should You Just Use an App Instead of Buying a Wearable Fitness Band?
Fitbit Zip - 10000 Steps
How to Use the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker