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Injury Prevention

Walking regularly has many health benefits, but it can also lead to injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and blisters. Learn how to avoid these and more.
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Are These Plants Poison Oak or Not?
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How Z-Coil Shoes With Coil in the Heel Offer Extreme Cushioning
Duct Tape
Should You Use Duct Tape to Treat a Plantar Wart?
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9 Safety Tips for Fitness Walking After Dark
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Should You Get a Massage After a Workout?
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How to Cope With Bladder Control Problems During Workouts
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The Spiritual and Mental Health Benefits of Walking a Labyrinth
Exercise-Induced Vasculitis
Exercise-Induced Vasculitis: Understanding Golfer's Rash
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Fitness Walkers and Runners Can Indulge Their Feet Post-Workout
Can You Be Allergic to Your Shoes?
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When to Consult a Podiatrist vs. a Pedorthist
Magnetic Insoles
Can Magnetic Insoles Provide Pain Relief?
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Dealing With Walking Problems and Pain When You Have Flat Feet
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Should You Walk During That Time of the Month?
Walking Through a Dark Tunnel
Are You Afraid to Go Walking Due to Anxiety?
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The 10 Weirdest Things Walking Can Do to Your Body
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Why You Should Never Ignore Numb Toes
Morton's Toe
Is Your Morton's Toe Causing Your Foot and Gait Problems?
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Heel Pain is Even Worse if You're Overweight
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Short or Long, Brisk Walks Help Blood Pressure
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Can Taking Walks Actually Help Your Low Back Pain?
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5 Things You Should Not Drink When Walking
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People With Diabetes Can Greatly Benefit From Walking
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Brisk Walking Keeps Your Colon Healthy
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Why Did You Get a Black Toenail From Running or Walking?
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How to Sit Less: Everyday Hacks to Increase Your Daily Movement
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How to Avoid a Dog Attack and Getting Bit
Walking While Pregnant
Walking Can Be a Great Workout During Pregnancy
Stretching Overhead
Walking Can Help With Depression and Build Mental Sharpness
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Use Breathwalking for Energy and Stress Relief
woman stretching for shin splints during a run along the water
Tips for Avoiding and Treating Shin Splints
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Why Hands and Fingers Swell When You Walk or Run
How to Prevent Common Walking Injuries
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Learn How to Treat Heel Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis
Cooling Feet on Ice
Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Hot Feet When Walking or Running
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18 Hydration Rules and Gear for Fitness Walkers
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How to Prevent Chafing From Exercise