Walking Distance and Calorie Calculators

Find How Many Calories You Have Burned Walking and Convert Distances

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How far have you walked, how many walking calories have you burned, and what have you earned the right to eat? Find out with our walking calories calculators.

Walking Calories Burned By Miles Walked: Charts and Calculator

Walking Calories by Miles Walked: Use these charts and calculator if you know how far you have walked and you want to find the calories burned. The charts show the calories burned per mile based on your weight and pace. It also links to a calculator where you can enter your weight, approximate pace, and distance walked to calculate how many walking calories you have burned.

Walking Calories Burned Per Minutes Walked: Charts and Calculator

Walking Calories by Minutes Walked: See how many calories you burn walking for one minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, 90 minutes or two hours depending on your weight and pace. You can also follow the link to a calculator to enter your weight, pace, and minutes to calculate distance walked and walking calories burned.

Pedometer Steps to Walking Calories Converter and Distance Calculator

Pedometer Steps to Walking Calories Converter: See how many calories you burn based on your pedometer step count and weight for common stride lengths. You can follow the link to a calculator where you can enter your step total, steps per mile, weight, and approximate pace to calculate your distance and walking calories burned.

The results you will see in these first three calorie charts and calculators are based on metabolic equivalents for task (MET) research of various activities. The calorie expenditure was measured at different walking speeds and is scaled for your weight.

Miles and Kilometers and Walking Time Converters

Miles and Kilometers Converter Calculators: How far is it in miles and in kilometers? Use these charts to convert miles and kilometers and see how long it will take you to walk that distance at three different paces. You can see both conversions from miles to kilometers and from kilometers to miles. You can also follow the link to an online calculator.

Calories Burned Per Day

Calories Burned Each Day Calculator: Input your gender, age, height, weight, and whether you are sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, or very active. For weight loss, you would want to aim to burn 300 more calories per day than the figure you get so you achieve a negative energy balance. Your body then has to burn stored fat.

Calorie Target for Weight Loss

Calorie Target Weight Loss Calculator: How much should you eat if you want to lose weight? Use this calculator to find your calorie target based on your weight loss goals. You'll input your gender, age, height, current weight, goal weight, goal date, and your activity level.

Tracking Your Calories In and Out

Many fitness bands and pedometers will give you an estimate of your calories burned by exercise as well as your total calories burned per day. If you wear a Fitbit, you will see its reading of your total calorie burn, which includes your basic metabolic rate as well as exercise calories. This enables you to balance the calories you eat against the calories burned.

Diet-friendly fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Garmin include or link to a food log app where you can track what you eat to balance those calories with what you burned. One common app that links to many fitness trackers if MyFitnessPal.com. The best of these apps allow you to save common foods and meals and analyze recipes for the calories and nutrition per serving. Many allow you to scan barcodes on the food you eat and include items from fast food and chain restaurants.

However, accuracy is always an issue with any calorie figure from fitness trackers. Calories shown on treadmills and other exercise machines may be overestimated or underestimated as well. Be sure to input your correct weight as they often base the burn on that figure.

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