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Walking Information for Beginners

Ready to get walking? These tips for walkers will help you walk to lose weight, participate in a 5K, increase your speed, maintain healthy habits and more.
Woman smiling on a walk
8 Ways to Spice Up Your Walks and Make Them Fun
Dad and daughter walking
Walking Is One of the Best Cardio Workouts for the Body, Here’s Why
what is rucking
What Is Rucking?
Woman walking
10 Ways to Walk Your Way to Fitness and Health
An Overview of Walking
Fitbit Active Minutes
Why Fitbit Active Minutes Are More Important Than Step Counts
Balance Walking
10 Fun Ways to Add Balance Exercises to Your Walks
How to Overcome the 8 Most Common Excuses to Avoid Walking
Older woman walking on the beach
Get Fit With These Beach Walking Tips
man walking in the woods
The Health Benefits of Walking as Exercise
Road trip
Tips and Tricks for Walking 10,000 Steps Per Day on a Road Trip
Walkers Enjoying Nordic Walking in Meadow
Can You Walk Too Much?
Couple Checks Their Devices
5 Ways to Map Your Walking Distance
Walking on the Left Side of the Road
What Side of the Road Do You Walk On?
Woman Checking Fitness Watch
Find Your Fitness Level With a 1-Mile Walk Test
senior woman walking with hiking poles on a wooded coastal trail
How Long Does It Take to Walk a Mile, 5 Miles, or More?
Woman Drinking Water Walking on Beach
How Much Water You'll Need for Your Walk to Prevent Dehydration
A person walking from behind
20-Minute Brisk Walking Workout
Walking Feet
Does Walking Backward Have Any Fitness Benefits?
Coworkers walking outside
How to Get the Most Out of Your Lunch Time Walk
couple walking outside
How to Get the Most From a 15-Minute Walk
man walking fast on coastal, mountain trail
What's the Ideal Pace for Brisk Walking?
Walking an Indoor Track at the Gym
6 Great Ways to Get an Indoor Walking Workout
Woman doing kneeling shin stretch
A 1-Minute Stretch for Your Shins
Stretching May Improve Flexibility but Won't Reduce Injury or Soreness
Making a Smoothie
What to Eat Before a Morning Walking Workout
Family Walking with Child and Dog
How to Walk With Kids for More Fun and Less Whining
woman walking in woods and checking mileage on phone
How Many Steps Are There in a Mile?
Team of Walkers at Race
How to Motivate Yourself to Go on Walks for Exercise
Powerful Walking Stride
How to Know How Fast You Are Walking
man running in park checking fitness watch
What Are the Average Steps Per Minute for Different Exercises?
senior woman walking in mountain woods with phone
How Many Steps Do People Walk a Day on Average?
10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid
Walking Uphill
9 Tips for Effective and Safe Uphill Walking Workouts
What Is Hiking vs. Just Walking?
Couple walking downhill
The Health Benefits and Risks of Downhill Walking
woman walking uphill for fitness on a coastal trail in the mountains
How to Boost the Intensity of Your Walking Workout
How to Transform from a Walker to a Runner
Breathing woman
How Proper Breathing Promotes Endurance and Core Strength
Treadmill Walking at the Gym
Slim and Tone Your Legs by Adding Walking to Your Workout
senior women walking for exercise
How Much Walking Is Best for Diabetes Control?
Close-up of walking shoes
10 Reasons You Should Start Walking for Your Body and Mind
senior woman walking along coastal mountain trail
4 Steps to a Great Fitness Walking Technique
Woman walking
Healthy People May Be Able to Walk a 10K Without Training
man walking across bridge with dog
Are There Any Benefits to 15-Minute Walks?
Take the Stairs
Taking the Stairs Can Burn Extra Calories and Keep You Healthy
School Crossing Sign
How to Stay Safe Walking on the Sidewalk, Path, or Road
30-Day Fitness Walking Quick Start Guide for Beginners
Breast Cancer Charity Walkers
How to Make It Through Your First Charity Walk
Moms Walking with Jogging Strollers and Babies
How Can You Start Walking With Your Baby to Get Back Into Shape?
Couple Walking at the Mall
Get Your Walking Workout Indoors at the Mall
Seniors walking on indoor track
Pros and Cons of Using Indoor Tracks for Walking and Running Workouts
man walking fast on coastal mountain trail
The Right Walking Speed to Burn Fat and Build Aerobic Fitness
Walking - Taking a Step
Setting a Walking Schedule to Build Your Walking Habit
Go From the Couch to a 5K Walk With This Plan
Walkers at Event
Use a Training Schedule to Enjoy Your First 10K Walk
Brisk Walking
Build Your Fitness and Burn Calories With an Aerobic Walking Workout
Male runner stretching leg in urban environment.
Use This Stretching Routine for Walkers to Maintain Flexibility
Nut and dried fruit mix in a container
Snacks to Take Along When You Go for a Long Walk
man checking watch and walking pace while walking on mountain trail
How Many Steps Should You Aim for Each Day?