Walking and Running Pace and Speed Calculator

Predict Your Finish Time, Pace, and Distance

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How long will it take you to walk or run a certain distance, and what are your speed and pace? You can use an online calculator to find any of those three things—pace, distance, or finish time, by entering two of them. For distance, you can enter a number or select a distance such as 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon. Use the Pace - Speed - Distance Calculator.

Pace or Speed Calculation

Your pace is expressed minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer.

This is the time it would take you to walk or run one mile or one kilometer. Your speed is the opposite, it is distance over time, expressed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.

You often need to know your pace when you enter a large race. The race organizers use it to assign you to a start corral with others who will be racing at a similar pace

To calculate your pace, you will need to know the distance you have walked or run and the time it took you to do so. Enter those into the calculator to find your pace.

Equations to Do the Math Yourself:

  • Pace = Time / Distance
  • Speed = Distance / Time 

Using Apps and Fitness Wearables to Measure Your Speed and Pace

The pace calculator can be a good check on what your GPS fitness app or GPS fitness speedometer is giving you as a speed or pace. Often these can be inaccurate and you don't want to think you are faster than you actually are. A common factor that contributes to inaccuracy is being in an area with buildings, trees, or hills that block the satellite signal that is used to measure your position.

It's a good idea to check any device against measuring your speed using a known distance and a timer. See more on how to measure your walking and running speed.

Distance Calculation

If you know your pace and how much time you will be walking or running, you can calculate how far you should go in that time.

This can be useful if you have a set amount of time for a workout and want to see how far you could go in that time.

To calculate distance if you know your pace and time, enter your pace and time into the calculator to get the distance in either kilometers or miles. Again, the accuracy of this prediction depends on having an accurate pace. Pace is in minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer (time/distance)

Equations to Do the Math Yourself

  • Distance = Time / Pace
  • Distance = Speed x Time

Finish Time Calculation

How long will it take you to finish a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon? This is a critical piece of knowledge to have before you register for a race. If you are a walker or slow runner, you have to be sure that you can finish in under the course time cutoff. You may also want to compare your finish time with lists of winners to see if you might qualify for a trophy for your age group.

To calculate your finish time, you will need to know your pace in minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer, and the distance of the course. Enter those into the calculator.

Equations to Do the Math Yourself

  • Finish Time = Pace x Distance
  • Finish Time = Speed / Distance

Be sure you are checking your pace in more than one way, as a GPS-based speed may be inaccurate.

Doing a timed mile or a timed kilometer can be a better way to find an accurate pace. Otherwise, your finish time will also be inaccurate.

Predicting Finish Time for Longer Races

While you may be able to time yourself over a mile or kilometer and use that to predict your time for a 5K or 10K race, you probably won't be able to maintain the same speed over a half marathon or marathon. Use these resources to predict longer race finish times. See how to predict your finish time.

Do You Need to Speed Up?

If you aren't happy with the results of the pace calculator, use these tips and lessons to speed up.