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WalkFit orthotics are advertised via infomercials. The ad testimonials said that they could help people with foot pain and help correct posture.


To put them to the test, they were ordered online rather than ordering them through the methods displayed on the infomercial. They arrived swiftly and the only extra cost was a small shipping charge.

Reviewer Will Glessner tried them out. He walks several miles each day and prefers wearing shoe inserts with arch supports. Here is his review.

"My first impression of the WalkFit orthotics was unfavorable. After careful consideration and use, my opinion got worse."

Day One

You receive three types of WalkFit orthotics with each order, to match different arch heights. The inserts are clearly marked with stickers and mold-marks that identify them as "low," "medium," and "high." The stickers are color-coded, but you remove them to uncover the vent holes. "Left" and "right" also very clearly marked.

The instructions call for you to pull any existing inserts from your shoes before inserting the WalkFit insoles. Many shoes have inserts that pull out, but some are glued in, which will present a problem. You then anchor the inserts into your shoes using peel-and-stick Velcro dots.

Glessner immediately found the WalkFit orthotics to be stiff and the arch was so high that he could hardly stand having them in his shoes.

He couldn't imagine anyone trying to run in them without wrecking their feet. He thought they were well-made, with venting that few orthotics and inserts seem to have. The WalkFit insoles have lots of holes for ventilation, which could help evaporate foot sweat.

Instructions also state that you need to give the WalkFit orthotics time for your feet to adjust. The advice is to use them for an hour to start, then build up as you gain comfort. This is good advice for any orthotic. However, the WalkFit inserts were very uncomfortable from the first steps.

The First Week

Continuing to wear the inserts, the reviewer had these observations:

  • Day Two: He found the arch really high and uncomfortable. He wore them around the house. Given the discomfort with the low inserts, he did not attempt to wear the medium or high inserts.
  • Day Three: As the day progressed, his feet seemed to get used to the very stiff, very high WalkFit insoles.
  • Day Four: The WalkFit orthotics were still stiff and had not loosened any. He tried them in a different pair of shoes.
  • Day Six: The reviewer noted that his toes were raised while standing and wearing the WalkFit orthotics. The incline was so much that it felt as if he were wearing negative heel shoes.
  • Day 10: He walked a half-mile to do some shopping and he felt his feet had gotten used to the artificially high arch of the orthotics and the foot position they enforced.
  • Day 11: He walked 4 miles and wore the orthotics for a total of six hours. But the arches of his feet hurt badly. He felt that they transferred much of his weight to the arch. This would reduce pressure on your heel or toes if that is where you have pain, but it can result in arch pain instead.
  • Day 12: He abandoned the inserts.

Bottom Line

After the reviewer wore the inserts, it looked like there were cracks in the heel. But those weren't from wear, they are artifacts of the manufacturing process. The WalkFits promise a lifetime warranty for a minimal shipping and processing fee.

The reviewer is just one user with one pair of the insoles. Any over-the-counter shoe insert will help some people and not work for others. It is often a matter of trial and error to find what works best for your feet, and that ends up costing a lot of money in trying a lot of things that don't work.

Your cheapest option, in the long run, is to get personal advice from a podiatrist. Search for a local pedorthist shop in your area (such as a shop of the Foot Solutions chain) where they can do a foot analysis and modify inserts and insoles to work better for you at a cheaper price.

A Word From Verywell

While the reviewer did not have a favorable outcome with these insoles, be sure to read the reviews of others for both the performance of the insoles and for the reliability of the company you are buying them from.

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