Walk4Life Pedometer W4L Elite

Walk4Life Elite Pedometer
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The Walk4Life Elite pedometer is an old-school mechanical multi-function pedometer. It counts steps and walking time, and calculates calories burned and distance. You wear it clipped to your waistband. This pedometer counts steps until you press the reset button. Some walkers prefer that rather than a pedometer that resets itself each day. You can count up to one million steps before you need to reset it, or you can reset it before any walking workout to track just that workout.

  • Small, quiet, and accurate pedometer

  • Counts steps and walking time, estimate distance, and calories

  • Clamshell design protects the buttons, and delayed reset prevents accidental resetting

  • Large digital display great for aging eyes

  • Records up to 1 million steps

  • Very secure clip

  • Ability to reset the step count when you want to (it doesn't roll over at midnight)

  • Replaceable battery that should last about a year

  • No multi-day memory. When you reset the count, it's gone.

Expert Review - Walk4Life Pedometer W4L Elite

The Walk4Life W4L Elite pedometer in an excellent example of an old-school multi-function pedometer. You won't have to link it to the app and recharge it every few days. If you want to get started counting your steps and walking 10,000 steps per day, it's a simple alternative to a fitness band.

Find your stride length and weight to set it up to calculate distance and calories burned, and enter your local time. Then just clip it to you waist and you are off. It has one of the most secure clips I have ever used, it never seems to pop off. But just in case it comes with a security strap. It has a time-of-day function so you don't need a watch.

As you walk, it records steps and calculates distance, calories, and walking time, which you can see by pressing the Mode button. When you wish, press the delayed reset button to reset it to zero. You can just keep tracking your total steps or use it to track your steps, distance, calories and walking time on a walking workout.

I love the big numbers on the display, I don't need to whip out my reading glasses to read them. The clamshell design keeps your data hidden from view, but easy to check. It also prevents one of the most irritating pedometer fails - hitting the reset button accidentally. With this pedometer, even with the cover open, you have to press the reset for several seconds before it will reset.

The good and the bad about this type of pedometer is that it is so simple. Yes, you can walk unplugged and not have to have a mobile app to see your walking data. But it also lacks any way to log or review your walking history.

Keeping track of your walking steps is one of the good habits that will help you stick with getting more activity each day. I hate resetting my pedometer and then realizing I hadn't recorded the numbers. I prefer a pedometer with a memory function. I'd rather wear a Fitbit Zip on my waistband and have all of my data saved online.

But if you want to go old-school and use a pedometer that doesn't need a computer or phone app, this is a good choice.

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