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Where can you go for a walk? How can you find upcoming charity walks and other walking events? These walk finder resources can help you discover both organized walks and those you can enjoy on your own.

Find Charity Walks and Walks Associated with Runs

These sites are good ones to use to look for walking events. You can narrow down the search to a city, state or search by date.

  • Active.com: You can find organized walks, charity walks and community events, and often you can register for them online.
  • Causes Calendar: You can search by state, zip code or charity for charity run/walks and other events.
  • RunnersWorld Race Finder: Runs often have a walk associated with them, check their calendars of events.

Find Volkssport Walking Events and Walking Routes to Enjoy

These walks are hosted by local walking clubs, with everyone welcome to join in. They include walking events held for one or more days, group walks, and designated walking routes you can do on your at any time. 

AVA.org Event Search: Find volksmarches in the United States. To find hosted events and group walks, select "Traditional Events" as the event type. To find walking routes you can do on your own, select "Year-Round and Seasonal Events." Each event has details and a contact person. These events are very low cost, usually $3 or even free.

The standard distance is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) but many have a 5K (3 mile) route, and some have longer routes.

Canada Walks: The Canadian Volkssport Federation clubs also host non-competitive walking events, group walks and walks you can do on your own. Select Calendar of Events to download a list of events by month.

Use the Permanent Trails link to go to lists of walking routes you can do on your own, within the walking season.

Find AVA Walks by State

Search for AVA walks in a state with these links.

Find AVA Walking Events and Trails by State

Alabama Walks
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Find Walking Marathons - Half Marathons - Racewalks

How to Find Walker-Friendly Half Marathons and Marathons: If you want to walk a marathon or half marathon, use these tips and links to find a race that will welcome you.

Racewalking.org Calendar of Events: Use this list to find competitive judged racewalks where you must use Olympic-style racewalking technique.

Find Walking Routes to Enjoy Anywhere

MapMyWalk: This site and app is a great resource for finding walking routes that others have mapped out and use, or for drawing, measuring and mapping your own route. Use the Discover link to find routes by location and to map your own.

Trails.com: If you want to go off-road, this site is a great place to start. You can find basic information about trails for free, but you must subscribe to get maps and full details.

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