Review: Veestro Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

Prepared Meals for Those Following a Plant-Based Diet

Veggie Lasagna from Veestro
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In the past, dieters looking for a vegetarian or vegan weight loss plan were not left with many choices. But today, plant-based diets have become almost commonplace, giving consumers many more options if searching a service to get their diet meals delivered.

Veestro is a company founded in 2012 which specializes in the delivery of meals that are not only 100 percent plant-based but are also organic, non-GMO, and chef-prepared in Los Angeles.

Veestro Meals for Weight Loss

Veestro delivers meals throughout the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) which are cooked fresh in California and then frozen and shipped in dry ice via FedEx Ground. No preservatives are used in any Veestro products.

Veestro customers can either purchase meals à la carte or buy meal packs designed around specific nutritional goals. Among the options are a gluten-free meal pack, a high-protein meal pack, and several designed specifically for weight loss.

The weight loss packs are designed around the three-, five-, and seven-day programs, each of which is based on 1,200 calories per day diet. Among them:

  • The three-day pack includes 18 meals and six juices delivered every two weeks. For this program, you will need to shop for and prepare your own meals four days a week. The cost of the program is $209 every two weeks.
  • The five-day pack includes 30 meals delivered every two weeks. Two days each week, you will need to shop for and prepare your own meals. The cost of the program is $279 every two weeks.
  • The seven-day pack includes 42 meals delivered every two weeks. The cost of the program is $349 every two weeks.

Pros and Cons of the Veestro Plan

Veestro is a very good meal delivery service whether you are trying to lose weight or simply improve the quality of your diet. If you are aiming to slim down, the program is simple and tasty enough to appeal to even non-vegetarian dieters.

Several positive features stand out if you are considering Veestro.

  • Veestro meals are delicious. Even for a meat-eater like myself, I found the meals to be exceptionally satisfying. The soba noodles with peanut sauce had enough body and flavor to make you forget that it was entirely meat-free. Clearly, some items are better than others, but, on the whole, the meals were full of flavor and anything but skimpy.
  • The nutritional labeling was clear and detailed. Moreover, the ingredient list was short and simple enough so that you could begin to plan your own meals around the same ingredients (a big plus if you want to teach yourself good eating habits).
  • The process was simple and transparent. When buying a Veestro plan, the company provides the cost of every meal and every program up front. This (uncommon) transparency allows you to calculate the cost of your meals so that you keep well within your budget.

As for the downside, there are a few factors to consider.

  • The shipment was messy. While it didn't affect the quality of the food, the appearance of the food as I opened the box was disappointing. The packaging was sloppy, and many of the plastic containers were either cracked or completely broken. Several of the cellophane coverings were torn, and, when I tucked into my Tuscan calzone, I had to pick through pieces of plastic. Because the food was delivered frozen, the food itself wasn't hurt, but it was nevertheless a bit of downer.
  • The reheating instructions are not always a snap. While most diet delivery meals are microwavable, not all Veestro meals can be prepared in this way. Some need to be thawed in advance, while others have to be reheated in the oven. While you may rightly argue that "real" food can't always be nuked, people expecting a meal-in-a-minute may be let down a bit.

The Verdict

Overall, I liked Veestro. The food quality was good, the online ordering process was simple, and there were no hidden costs. And, even though the packages arrived in bad shape, the meals themselves did not suffer. 

In the end, Veestro a great option for vegans or vegetarians wanting to slim down or even non-vegetarians wanting a unique way to break up the monotony of their weight loss program.

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