The TV-Time Workout You Can Do at Home

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You probably know that exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. But after a busy day, we often crave quality time with our TVs! Here’s a way to have your cake and eat it too. Read on to discover ways to burn calories while watching TV.

The #1 Rule: No Fast-Forwarding Through Commercials

We’ve moved past the days of having to watch television in real time (a.k.a. life without a DVR).

Before we could fast forward, we had to tolerate commercial breaks. Today, those breaks do still exist; in an hour of television, there are about 15 minutes of commercials. And 15 minutes is enough time to get your heart pumping. So, cue up your favorite show and when it goes to commercial try out these moves!

Punch It Out

Let out your aggression by jabbing your arms forward with force. Continuously punch for as long as your arms will let you! (Hopefully the length of the commercial break.)

March in Place

Keep those legs moving, and swing your arms to get that heart pumping even more! You can even continue to do this one once the show returns.

Jumping Jacks

Can you jump the entire commercial break? Try it! If it gets to be too much, do the arm motions while stepping side to side.


This is great for abs and stability. Start with your entire body flat, lying on your stomach. Then bend your elbows and place your weight on your forearms.

Pull your entire body up into a straight line and engage your core. When you start, you may only be able to hold it for a few seconds. That's okay! The more you do it, the longer you'll be able to hold the position. Each week, try and hold it for a few seconds longer. 


Mute the TV and cue up some music.

Let loose in your living room. Dance like nobody's watching. Trust me: It’s fun! Just make sure the blinds are closed.

Jump Rope

This is a big calorie burner! Get a good rope and start jumping. Even if you don't own a jump rope you can still mimic the motion and burn some calories.

Mountain Climbers

Fair warning: These are tough! Start in the same position as a plank but rest your weight on your hands instead of your forearms. Then alternate pulling your knees up to your midsection. The faster you go, the harder it is and the more calories you burn!

Step Ups

If you’ve got a staircase nearby get to stepping. Up, up, down, down! If you don’t have a step, find a sturdy box (or a stepstool) and do the same.


Tone that tush. Push your butt and hips back as if you were going to sit back on your couch. Make sure your knees never go past your toes! Start slow and then pick up speed. Do as many as you can!

Run in Place

Pick up those knees and run it out! The short length of a commercial break is perfect for those new to running. If you’re looking to lose weight, this is one way to jump-start that weight loss.


This is a personal favorite of mine because it’s so easy! Just start walking back and forth until that show returns.

Once you start, you'll want to housewalk all the time.

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