Incline Treadmill Workout for Weight Loss

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This workout involves working on the treadmill (or any cardio machine of your choice) for 35 minutes of boredom busting cardio fun.  You'll spend plenty of time changing your speed and incline to make the workout more interesting while doing two important things:  Burning more calories and building more endurance in a short period of time. 

The speeds and inclines listed are only examples and range from walking speeds to running speeds.

   Increase or decrease the speed/inclines to fit the suggested perceived exertion and, of course, your fitness level. Use this Perceived Exertion Scale below to determine how hard you're working.  Oh, and one more thing...for a longer workout, go through the workout twice!

35 Minute Boredom Buster Treadmill Workout

Time  InstructionsEnding Speed/Incline Perceived Exertion
10 min3.0 - 5.0 mph/1% incline- warm-up3.0 - 5.0 mph/1% incline4-5
5 minBaseline - Find a moderate pace, just out of your comfort zone3.5 - 6.0 (Walking or Jogging)/1% incline5-6
1 minuteIncrease speed and incline 1 increment every 15 seconds3.9 - 6.4 mph/5% incline7-8
1 minuteRemain at above speed and incline3.9 - 6.4 mph/5% incline8
1 minuteLower speed and incline 1 increment every 15 seconds3.5 - 6.0/1% incline6-7
1 minuteWith speed at baseline, increase incline every 15 seconds3.5 - 6.0/5% incline7-8
1 minuteRemain at above speed/incline3.5 - 6.0/5% incline8
1 minuteSpeed at baseline, decrease incline every 15 seconds3.5 - 6.0/1% incline7-8
5 minutesAbove Baseline - Get a little more out of your comfort zone for this segment

3.8 - 6.3+/1% incline

1 minuteStarting at above speed and incline at 2%, take speed up 1 increment every 20 seconds4.1 - 6.6/2% incline7-8
1 minuteRemain at the above speed and incline4.1 - 6.6/2% incline8
1 minuteDecrease speed every 20 seconds3.8 - 6.3/2% incline7-8
1 minuteSprint or speedwalk as fast as you can!4.0 - 7.0+ 9
5 minutesCool down3.0 - 4.0 mph4
Total Time35 Minutes  
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