Tracking Your Walks

Walking Logs, Journals, Calendars

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Recording your walks is the best way to maintain a walking schedule. If you use a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, or Polar, you will have an app or online logging of your walks. But if that's not your style, use these tools to keep records offline or online.

Free Printable Walking Logs

Print out these calendars to track you walks on paper, noting your distance, time, speed, and steps.

  • Weekly Walking Log
    Print out this weekly log to use to track your walks and progress. It includes Sunday twice, so you can choose whether your tracking week is Sunday through Saturday, or Monday through Sunday.It's a printable .pdf file.
  • Daily Walking Journal
    Use this as a daily walking journal or for memories of each walk. It's a printable .pdf file
  • Food Diary and Walking Log
    Track your food habits and your walking and exercise. Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.
  • Monthly 2018 Walking Logs
    Print out these monthly calendar pages to note your step, distance and walking time each day. Printable in .pdf format.

Walking Excel Spreadsheet

2018 Walking Excel Spreadsheet
Each day you can enter your walking miles, time, steps and any notes. This Excel spreadsheet calculates your total mileage per month, walking time per month, minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer, and total steps.

Pedometer Apps

Use a pedometer app on your mobile phone to track the walking you do all day long, or to track walking workouts.

Here is a selection of good pedometer apps. They are an easy way to get started as there is no separate pedometer required, they use the motion sensor that is built into your mobile phone. The drawback is that they don't track any steps you take when you aren't carrying your mobile phone.

Map and Measure Your Route

Map and Measure Your Route Online: Use an online map to draw and measure your walking route and calculate your walking calories.

There are several sites and apps that can do this, allowing you to save your routes or use routes that others have created in your area. You can print out the route or use the associated app to guide you on a walk.

Walking Programs

Webwalking USA Program: This is our free program to chart your walking steps, minutes, or miles on a virtual walk across the USA on the American Discovery Trail. Print out the map and logs to track your walks.

IVV Individual Achievement Award Program: Walk sanctioned volkssport 10K walks and earn awards at milestones. The walks are open to everyone, and you only pay a small fee per walk to enjoy their events and routes you can walk any day.

Online Resources

President's Challenge: Log your walks, pedometer steps, and other physical activity online and earn awards. Logging is free; you can buy the optional awards. Create a free account, and you can log your walks and other fitness activities, set goals and add notes. They have a popular app that also can share info with most popular activity monitors and pedometers, including Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, and Withings.