The 7 Best Thorlo Socks to Buy

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Thorlo designs socks for active sports including specific socks for walking, hiking, and running. They also design socks for the special needs of women's feet. They research the padding, protection from shearing forces, and other factors needed for a sock for each activity. Their socks last a long time with regular use and laundering. They are also made in the USA by a family company.

Thorlos Women's Thin Padded Walking Socks

Thorlo Women's Thin-Cushion Walking Mini Crew Sock

Thorlos Lite Walking offers the most padded protection possible in a lightweight construction. Walkers generally need less cushioning than runners, so a thickly-padded sock is usually overkill. These socks are made with a proprietary fiber blend called Thor-Wick, which uses acrylic, nylon, and spandex to provide superior moisture-wicking characteristics as well as stretching and conforming to the shape of your foot. These socks are available in men's and women's versions and in crew and mini-crew lengths. They can easily be a staple of your walking and workout wardrobe.

Thorlos Max Cushion Walking Crew Socks

Thorlo Men's Walking Sock

These walking socks provide medium padding on the ball of your foot and on your heel to help prevent blisters. The socks are made of wicking Thor-lon acrylic fiber, stretch nylon, and spandex. Note that some online listings say the socks are cotton, but they are not. If it says Thor-lon, it's the good stuff that doesn't hold blister-causing moisture next to your skin the way cotton does. The heel and toe are contoured and they come in men's and women's versions for gender-specific fit. They are available in crew length and mini-crew length, and in white or black.

thorlos Light Running Thin Padded Ankle Socks

Men's Lite Running Thin Padded Ankle Socks

These socks come in men's and women's styles. They are lightweight and close-fitting with high wicking abilities, made of THOR•WICK® acrylic, nylon, and spandex. They have medium padding in heel and the ball of the foot. The low-profile toe seam helps prevent rubbing that can lead to blisters. While these are designed for running, they can work for walking as well.

Thorlos Lite Hiker Medium Padded Socks

Thorlo Lite Hiking Sock

When you take to the trail, this hiking sock will make your feet happier in your boots or trail shoes. Medium-density padding over toes and under ball and heel provides extra cushioning and protection from painful blisters. Spandex around the arch instep prevents the socks from bunching up. THOR•WICK® and THOR•LON® fibers help wick away sweat and cool your feet. Thorlo has tested these socks in hiking conditions and they tout their benefits in preventing blisters and hot spots.

Thorlos Thick Padded Wool Crew Socks

Thorlo Wool Blend Lite Hiker

Some hikers and walkers prefer wool or wool blend socks, which have their own unique properties in managing moisture. This is an excellent sock for cooler weather with the warming properties of wool and silk, blended with Thor-lon acrylic, hollow-core polyester, nylon and spandex. It's moderately padded. You can find a thickly-padded version as well, if you need a thicker sock to fill the space in your boots.

Thorlos Trail Running Thick Padded Ankle Socks

Thorlo Trail Runner Socks

These trail running socks are designed for hot weather hiking and rugged off-road walking. The socks have engineered padding for each area of the foot to cushion and to prevent blisters. They are made of THOR•WICK® and THOR•LON® acrylic, nylon, and spandex. They work well in trail shoes for day hikes. The medium padding is tested and they say it reduces friction, blisters, moisture, pressure, and foot pain. The color helps hide the dirt you inevitably pick up from trail debris.

Thorlos Distance Walker Socks

Thorlo Distance Walker Socks

These distance walking socks are especially designed for walking long miles. They feature a thicker cushion to help feet that have thinning foot pads. They are made with sweat-wicking acrylic, nylon, and spandex. Be sure to try these socks on with your walking shoes to ensure a good fit, as you may need larger shoes or thinner-padded socks.

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