A List of the Best Longboards Ever Produced

These Are All Unique and Always Satisfying

Any established skater can tell you that just about any board can be rideable. Here the focus is on the most amazing, innovative, outlandish and absolutely insane boards that are on the market. What you have here is a list of boards that are unique and just never fail to satisfy.

(This list was written for About Skateboarding by Malakai Kingston.)

Norad, Never Summer Industries, Denver

Neversummer Norad longboard

This board at first glance is your typical campus cruiser carving board. With its bright, sublimated graphics and clean swooping tail, it is slender yet has more than enough room for your feet to work. The tight placement of the mounting bolts means the nose can cut into turns and guide the board. All this simplicity all this elegance, however, is absolutely overshadowed when you start to look at the technology and material in this deck. 

Vanguard by Loaded, Los Angeles

Loaded Vanguard Longboard

The first thing that will jump out at you is the hyper-aggressive arch on the spine of this board, convex camber accents, and the gently concaved rails, giving the deck the appearance of a board ready to spring. The wheels sit on trucks mounted at the very edge of the deck's nose and tail and aggressive swept-in rails meet the mounting points of the nose and tail, bringing to mind images of a drag pacer with its paws down to the ground gripping the pavement. Flipped on its back a simple graphic adorns its belly.  

Speedbone by Wefunk, Cologne, Germany

Wefunk Speedbone

There is absolutely nothing that is common about the Speedbone -- or any Wefunk board for that matter. These boards are created by hand by arguably one of the greatest board designers of all time, and to date, they are also some of the rarest. This is the Bugatti Veyron of longboards, beyond that of all skateboards. Each one is handcrafted and matched to its riders shoe size, weight, height and ride preference.

Pro 60 by Flexdex, San Diego

Flexdex Pro 60

This is a huge board, 60 by 10 inches, made of 11-ply birch. That is one big board, and visually it’s hard to get over while looking at it.

First produced by Flexdex in 1999, the Pro-60 was a bestseller for Flexdex from 2000 to 2003. The board was decorated with a simple color string and a Flexdex logo. The board had wheel cut outs made just for the trucks and size wheels that came with it. The Flexdex line was and is today made of near-bulletproof composite materials for a unique flex. 

Hyper-Carve by Gravity Skateboards, San Marcos, California

Gravity Hyper-Carve
Gravity Skateboards

The pivotal turning point for almost any longboarder is the realization that not only does he want to skate, but he wants to skate with soul. For the attributes of a soulful skateboard, there's nothing better than the 47 inches of 11-ply goodness that is the Gravity Hyper-Carve. The board is crafted to provide something to the rider -- nose cut-outs and tail cut-outs. The nose is prominent past the wheel well scoops, and the tail is fanned out. The board has been on the Gravity lineup literally since the beginning. Nothing has changed on the board but the graphic. 

Junior Dancer by Roggs Customs, Kelowna, B.C.

Roggs Junior Dancer
Roggs Customs

Roggs Customs started in 2004 and from the point of conception the boards, their designs and finish have been top-notch and nothing like boards coming out of other garage shops. These were not just boards; they were works of art from the start. Boutique-level finishes are matched with intelligent board design. 

Carbon Evo (CEVO) by Landyachtz Longboards, Vancouver, B.C.

Carbon Evo (CEVO)
Landyachtz Longboards

Landyachtz delivers one of the most, if not the most diverse lineup of any longboard company, never disposing of a design. The company offers more than 30 unique and diverse boards ranging from hardcore downhill racing to casual sea wall cruising. Among the downhill boards is the Evo, a hybrid drop deck well-known to the downhill community. Landyachtz hollowed out the entirety of the wood for this board, filled it with a lightweight foam and then wrapped the entirety of the wooden armature with a carbon fiber epoxy laminate. 

Bigfish V-Lam by Motion, Quebec, Quebec

Bigfish V-Lam

Pintails as a breed of longboard suffer from some inherent problems, wheel bite being the most severe, but others include useless tails, thin noses, no room for your feet and a general feeling that you are riding a finely shaped two-by-four. But as pintails go, the Bigfish is in a class of very select models, those that were actually designed by a skater, not a designer. 

Voodoo by Comet, San Francisco

Comet Voodoo
Comet Skateboards

Downhill racing is becoming a big segment of the longboarding market, while back in the day it was just a TV spectacle or a back-mountain speed demon adrenalin fix. One of the first boards to be discovered that was great for speed boarding is the Comet Voodoo. This is one of the first boards to be purpose-specific, designed and built for speedboarding. This company's start in 1998 was focused on making fast, light and stable boards, and the Voodoo has all those characteristics.

35.5 Slider by Earthwing Skateboards, New York

35.5 Slider Earthwing Longboard Review
Earthwing Skateboards

What more could there be to a short, technical skate deck? Mirror a short board deck and there you go, right? Wrong, and this is where the Slider from Earthwing comes in. The combination of monofilament and a sick paint job gives the EW 35.5 the look of a carbon-fiber deck. Add the crest of the winged EarthWing logo, centered on the bottom of the deck. The top of the board sports the block EarthWing logo just in front of the rear truck. The overall combination of the graphic and texture of the deck, while still focusing on function over form, works great.

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