The Best Pilates DVD Workouts for All Skill Levels

Even though Pilates DVDs are not very expensive, you still want to invest in a DVD that you know will meet your particular needs and interests. While you have many options now for video, sometimes having your go-to DVD is the best choice. Some of these can be streamed or downloaded in addition to having the actual disc. Plus, many are classics that you can find online used at a greatly reduced price.

Based on expert reviews, this list includes some of the top picks for Pilates DVD workouts. There are so many wonderful DVDs to choose from, but these are truly the best of the best.



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When you are new to Pilates, you need to see the exercises performed correctly, with precise coaching to reinforce good form. Here are videos that can help the beginner.

"New Body! Pilates," Jennifer Kries: This is a good introduction to the traditional Pilates mat exercises. The extra magic circle exercises definitely kick it up a notch. Kries emphasizes correct alignment and movement to give you a great start on performing Pilates right to get all of its benefits.

"New York Style Pilates," Jonathan Urla: This DVD might have beginner pacing, but it offers a full body workout that builds on Pilates fundamentals and modifications. It's also a good choice for those who would feel more comfortable with a male teacher.

"The Secret to Flat Abs," Stott Pilates: This DVD will help you tone up your midsection. It focuses on toning the deep abdominal muscles and back, otherwise known as the Pilates powerhouse. Stott Pilates excels at precise instruction.



As you learn more Pilates skills and are ready for more of a challenge, you can move up to these intermediate level videos.

"System 17," Rael Isacowitz: You won't find anyone who imparts the inner magic of Pilates better than Rael Isacowitz. "System 17" is the intermediate level of a three-level series, all of which offer fantastic workouts.

"The MVe Series," Peak Pilates: This DVD is good for those looking for reformer and chair exercises. It covers mat and equipment exercises from beginner through advanced, with modifications.

"Power Paced Fitness Circle," Stott Pilates: This is an up-tempo workout with the Pilates magic circle. It is a good target workout for the core, as well as triceps and inner thighs.



When you are at an advanced level, you want additional challenges. Here are videos that will keep you advancing your practice.

"​Advanced Pilates," Alisa Wyatt: A fast-paced classical mat workout, this is my go-to advanced mat workout.

"Romana's Pilates Powerhouse Mat Workout," Romana Kryzanowska: An advanced Pilates student should at least have some exposure to the renowned Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska. Here you get to learn and watch Romana teach the exact mat workout she teaches.

"​Pilates Method Master Trainer Series," Jennifer Kries: This is not a follow-along workout. This is an insightful, advanced level study of Pilates mat and equipment exercises.



Explore beyond pure Pilates with these fusion videos that use some Pilates and incorporate other methods. Have some fun with these different moves.

"Pilates Playground," Nico Gonzales: This is a challenging, but fun workout that uses a resistance band and magic circle.

"Winsor Pilates Slimming Pilates," Mari Winsor: Mari Winsor is one of the most well-known names in Pilates. For those looking for a workout DVD with a weight loss and body sculpting focus, Winsor Pilates delivers.

"Sexy Body Workout with Weights," Jonathan Urla: This DVD offers the ultimate trifecta: Pilates, yoga, and weights combine in this body toning routine that stays connected to good movement principles that are essential to Pilates.

"HomeBody Workout," Jillian Hessel: A good choice for beginners, this DVD incorporates dance weights and a routine that can be done in a chair.

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