The 8 Best Pocket Pedometers to Buy in 2018

Track your steps and overall activity with affordable, pint-sized trackers

If you don't want to wear your pedometer on your waistband and you don't like a wristband fitness tracker, these pedometers can be carried in a pocket. They use technology that allows you to carry them in a pocket, tuck them in your sock, or even wear them on a lanyard around your neck. Look for models boasting more axes - a tri-axis mechanism is better than a 2-axis for accuracy. Pocket pedometers are a good choice for people who have difficulty getting an accurate reading because of the shape of their waist. They are absolutely quiet, powered by silent accelerometer technology rather than clicking pendulum mechanisms.


Best Overall: Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit's tiniest tracker can be carried in your pocket or worn on your waistband. It has a silicone sleeve that includes a clip, but you can carry it without it. It has a six-month replaceable battery so you don't need to recharge it. On the Zip display you can see your steps, distance, calories and time of day. It syncs via Bluetooth with apps or wirelessly to a PC or Mac via a USB stick. On the app or online dashboard you can view your daily activity in detail, track calories, compete with friends and get all of the benefits of being part of the Fitbit world. It doesn't track sleep or stairs. Full Review


Omron Alvita Wireless HJ-327T Activity Tracker

This tiny tracker syncs wirelessly to an app. You can carry it in your pocket or clip it to your waistband. You can view your current daily activity totals on its screen. It tracks your steps, aerobic steps, distance, and calories. You can set and achieve daily goals. No recharging is needed because it has a 6-month replaceable battery. Full Review


Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer

The tri-axis mechanism in this pedometer will accurately count steps in any position. You can slip it into a pocket, or use the silicone case to clip it to your waistband. It counts steps, aerobic steps, distance, and activity calories. It automatically resets at midnight and has a 7-day memory. You can't reset it to log only a workout. The little figure celebrates on screen when you reach 10,000 steps in a day. It's a little larger than some pedometers, but I like the readable screen. It eliminates junk steps by only adding steps to the count if you walk for more than four seconds. Omron touts this pedometer as its best, replacing older models that were favorites. Full Review


Omron HJ-321 Pocket Pedometer

The Omron HJ-321 works great as a pocket pedometer or worn with the removable clip. It uses a tri-axis mechanism and edits out junk steps so you don't get step credit for just jiggling around. In addition to steps, miles, and calories, it tracks aerobic steps. This allows walkers to track lifestyle steps and dedicated walking or running steps. It has a 7-day memory for easier tracking. The mechanism is accurate and silent. It comes with a pedometer security leash, which I highly recommend using so you don't lose your pedometer or have it fly off your waistband when using the restroom. The only drawback I see for this model is that it is pretty large. ​Full Review


YAMAX Power-Walker EX-510 Pedometer

This pedometer won our Pedometer Readers' Choice Awards. It has more memory than the common elephant. You can review 30 days of step data and 30 weeks of your walking totals. In addition to the usual steps, distance and calories it records your daily activity time and fat burned.


Omron HJ-323U Downloadable Pedometer

The Omron HJ-323U has tri-axis technology so it is accurate whether you carry it in a pocket or use the slip-on clip to wear it on your waistband. It logs steps, aerobic steps, distance, active calories burned, and pitch (steps per minute of your aerobic steps). The pedometer has a 7-day memory display and it uses a battery that lasts for six months. It has a built-in USB stick to upload your data to the personal dashboard, where you can see daily, weekly and monthly totals. You can also set weekly goals, earn badges for achievements, and share these to Facebook or Twitter.


Reebok InView Pedometer

This attractive, round pedometer is built to keep your data private. The front has a design and a button to push to choose different functions. But your data is displayed in a smaller window on the rim of the pedometer. You can wear it in a pocket or used the detachable clip to wear it on your waistband. It has 3-axis accuracy for a relatively low price. It shows your setps, distance, calories burned, and activity timer. You manually reset it on demand. It doesn't have day-to-day memory.


Sportline Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer 310

The Sportline Qlip pedometer has a removable clip or can be carried in a pocket. It counts steps and estimates calories burned. It has a time function and estimates speed and activity time. The sample I tested counted 10% more steps than the other pedometers I wore at the same time, including the other Sportline pocket models. It doesn't edit out junk steps. Because it has fewer features than the Sportline TraQ, I prefer the TraQ. The TraQ is also a lot cuter, although the Qlip is smaller and may be easier to carry for that reason.


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