The 12 Best Night Visibility Items to Buy in 2018

Reflective Safety Essentials When Walking or Jogging at Night

Be safe—be seen. It's only your life that depends on it. Night walking means taking extra care that cars can see you. For the best safety, your entire outline should be reflective and you should carry a light or wear a flasher. Here are several ways to ensure that you are visible when you are enjoying a stroll at night.

If you keep a reflective vest handy at home and in your car, you'll be ready to quickly slip it on for night walking. The Tuvizo minimalist design gives you high visibility front, back, and sides and goes on over any jacket. It's also brightly colored by day for safety whenever you wear it.

The Nathan Zephyr Fire is a perfect flashlight for walking. The t-strap keeps it securely in your hand and tilted at the perfect angle to light your walking path. You don't have to grip it or worry about dropping it. It comes in two versions, the 100 or the even more powerful 300. It has a rear flashing red light for safety. It recharges via USB, which means no messing with changing batteries. It also has a safety siren. It is definitely worth the price.

The Million Mile Light from FlipBelt is powered by your own motion. It's an ultra bright LED light you can clip to your clothing to keep you safer while you are walking after dark. You never have to worry about changing the batteries. It won't let you down as long as you are up and moving.

You aren't just at risk when you are out for a fitness walk after dark. You have to be seen when heading to work, school or shopping in the dark. The Flyboys reflective scarf is made of cozy polar fleece with two highly reflective stripes the length of the scarf. You can choose a variety of colors. It's perfect for adding to a dress coat and casual coat when walking after dark when you might prefer not to don a reflective vest.

These open-fingered gloves have big reflective triangles on the palm and the back of the hand, plus reflective strips down each finger. You will love the visibility these gloves give you, especially when crossing the street. You can flash the triangle on the palm at waiting traffic. You can wear these gloves alone or over other gloves. They are breathable enough to wear at night in all seasons.

The Panther Vision LED hat has three built-in ultra-bright, ultra-light LED headlamp bulbs. It is a great walking or running accessory for dusk, dawn, or after dark. It fits and feels like any other cap, and you can wear it anytime. After dark, just push the button to use a front spotlight and/or two under-brim lights that will illuminate your walking path. The lights add no weight at all.

LED Clip Lights Buy from
If you already have a favorite hat with a bill and just want to add a clip-on head lamp, these LED clip lights are ideal. However, clip lights have the same problem as LED hats—it's not easy to adjust the angle of the light and you may not be spotlighting your path as well as you wish. If you find this is often the case, then an LED headlamp that allows you to change the angle may be a better solution.

For hands-free night walking, this headlamp is an essential. It is lightweight, bright, and it runs on 3 AAA batteries that last for 150 or more hours. That's far better than a flashlight that is drained in just a few hours. You can adjust the angle of the four super bright LED bulbs. It has three brightness settings, plus a flashing setting. There is a red filter to flip over the lights if you prefer. It has a single strap, but kits are available to add an over-the-head second strap if that works better for you.

Reflective ankle bands and armbands are a good choice if you don't want to wear a vest. They will show you are a moving object. You can easily carry these in your pack or purse to have handy when you need to be out after dark.

Attach this super-bright, lightweight LED light to your waistband, purse, or pack for night safety. Cars can see it over a half-mile way in clear night conditions.

Use these reflective iron-on transfers to add a measure of night safety to your favorite walking gear. You can put them on your backpack, hydration pack, or favorite cold weather walking hat. Don't want to wear a reflective vest? Use these transfers on your favorite jacket on the back, sleeves, and front and you will have improved your night safety. Designs are available from or you can make your own designs with iron-on reflective tape.

IllumiNITE fabric has reflective threads throughout, giving you 360-degree visibility. They have hats, headbands, gloves and other accessories. Jackets include fleece, lined, lightweight, etc. in many styles. Get performance and be reflective. They look normal by day ​but are reflective by night.

Don't forget your best friend when you are out walking. Your dog collar and leash should be reflective to give you an extra measure of visibility. Even better, the GoDoggie-Glow collar and leash have LED lights. If you find yourself often walking the dog after dark, this is a good solution for safety.


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