The 9 Best MP3 and Music Players for Exercisers to Buy in 2018

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If you exercise on a regular basis you know how crucial music is to your exercise routine. If you've ever run out of battery in the middle of a workout, then you really know how important that is.

There are so many great MP3 players out there, it's hard to know which one is right for you. Part of that depends on what you're looking for. If you just want to listen to music and you don't need any extras like bluetooth or the ability to view videos, there are some that fit the bill.

If you want to use apps for your workouts, you'll want to go to something more expensive like a smartphone.

Below are some of the best music players for exercisers no matter what you're looking for.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: iPod Shuffle

The shuffle has been officially discontinued by Apple, but it still remains very popular with exercisers and you can get certified refurbished versions from a variety of sellers.

It is a bare bones music player that doesn't allow many choices and the real drawback is that there's no display, so you don't know what's coming next.

That may seem odd but it's easy to use the controls on the front to fast forward, rewind, change the volume or pause. There's also a switch that allows you to shuffle songs randomly. It also has VoiceOver which can tell you the song you're listening to and how much battery time you have left.

What's best about the shuffle is that it's smaller than a pack of gum and very easy to stash in your pocket or clip to your shorts. You do have to spend time transferring playlists, but you can easily switch them out using your iTunes app.

Best Battery Life: AGPTEK A20 8GB Lossless Sound Music Player

At less than $30, the AGPTEK Lossless MP3 player offers the basics of what you need for entertainment during your workout. After a three or four hour charge, the MP3 player can play 80 hours worth of music before it needs another charge.

It does have a few interesting extras, like shuffle mode, stereo sound, FM radio, and a voice recorder.

You can also hook this up to an auxiliary cord in your car for out-loud listening. The MP3 player has a spot for an SD card, too, with a capacity of 64GB.

Best for Streaming: Apple iPhone

As smartphones go, the iPhone is a great choice for a variety of reasons, but it's also great for exercisers. Yes, it's bigger than your average MP3 player, but there are plenty of reasons to use it for your workouts.

First, there's tons of space (depending on which version you choose) for everything from music and audiobooks to video. You can listen to your own music or you can stream from a variety of apps like Spotify or Pandora.

Second, there are a lot more things you can do with an iPhone than with an average MP3 player. You can use apps to guide your workouts like Aaptiv, Motion Traxx, or Runkeeper to make your workouts more fun and varied. It's expensive, starting at, but don't forget it's a phone as well so you're getting a lot for your money.

Best with Video Capability: Sony 8GB Walkman MP3 Player

Streamlined for portability, the Sony Walkman is small, about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. With 8 GB, you can store hours of music, video and even photos and the screen is bright so you'll have no trouble navigating.

You can transfer all your music and playlists easily from your iTunes app and it's playlist compatible so you can create your own playlists and find them in your music playback menu.

The battery gives you up to 35 hours of music or up to 4 hours of video playback per charge and it also includes a built in clock with an alarm and sleep timer functions. 

Best with Clip: SanDisk Clip Jam

This is a favorite for exercisers because it's small and lightweight and, even better, it has a built-in clip that you can use to attach it to your shorts.

With 8 GB of storage, you can carry up to 2000 songs or audiobooks and it has a built-in microSD card slot so you can add even more music. It has an FM radio tuner included and, unlike the shuffle, it does have a screen.

The battery lasts up to 18 hours and headphones are included. The only drawback is that it doesn't have bluetooth, but for what it does, it's a great price.

Best Compact: The Pyle Active Action MP3 Player

This is another interesting option, an MP3 player that's built into headphones, making it one of the smallest, most portable of the MP3 players.

Aside from its simplicity, it's best feature is that it's completely waterproof. That means you can wear it while swimming, running in the rain or just lots of heavy sweating.

 It has 8GB of memory and the memory unit is detachable so you can connect it to your computer to add songs and playlists. It's made to fit all head sizes and includes easy to use controls. The budget price makes this MP3 player another great buy.

Best with Case: A26 8GB Bluetooth MP3 Player, Sports Clip Hi-Fi Sound

The AGPTEK is another great choice for people who want to listen to something while they exercise and it has a lot of great features.

First, it has bluetooth so you can plan your music through bluetooth speakers or headphones. 

Second, it's small size makes it ideal for exercise. It's lightweight and has a clip and it also comes with a sweatproof silicone case.

More features include stereo sound, FM radio tuner, shuffle capabilities and folder view. You can have up to 2000 songs and there is a Micro SD slot available if you want to add more. You'll get up to 30 hours of playback time, about 8 if you're using bluetooth.

This is a great buy and perfect for the exerciser who wants a high quality, reasonably priced MP3 player.

Best for Swimming: Sigomatech 8GB MP3 Player for Swimming

 The Sig is the perfect MP3 player for swimmers, or for anyone. The best feature, besides the fact that it's completely waterproof, is the headphones.

They're actually made of memory wire, so you can get the perfect fit and they'll stay in your ears even when you're moving through the water.

With 8 GB you can listen to tons of music and the battery life lasts up to about 12 hours. It also has a clip on the back which is perfect for swimming, running or any other activity you're doing.

Best Storage Capacity: Tomameri MP3/MP4 Player

With the Apple Nano discontinued, the Tomameri fills that gap with a 32 GB micro SD card that holds tons of music. You can also expand that by getting an SD card with a larger capacity.

To use it, you can just cut and paste your music right from your computer, slip on your headphones and go. It also supports viewing photos, it's a video voice recorder and it's small enough to fit in your pocket.

This one doesn't come with headphones, so you'll want to get those separately. It also doesn't have bluetooth but, at less than $100, you get a lot for the money.

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