The 10 Best Motion Control Sneakers to Buy for Walking in 2018

The right sneakers for overpronaters

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Motion control shoes provide the correction you need If you overpronate, especially if you are a heavy person who overpronates. They are typically firm and heavy and often are not very flexible, but they do have the advantage of often being more durable. The athletic shoe industry has put a lot of technology into their shoes, with the best innovations going into running shoes rather than walking shoes, and so many of the models recommended for walkers are running shoes. This list has shoes are of high quality with motion control technology. No shoe is right for everybody—get fit for the shoe that is best for you. It needs to have the right shape and size to fit your feet.

Brooks Beast

The Beast is a perennial favorite for motion control, especially for heavy walkers and severe overpronators. It is built to take a pounding and is known to be a more durable model. The Beast is the men's model of this shoe, although some women will find it works well for them once they know which size to buy. They come in regular (D), wide (2E), and extra wide (4E) and sizes from 8 to 16, making it the choice of "bigfoots" who need motion control.

Brooks Ariel

The Ariel is the women's version of the Beast. Like the Beast, it is built for motion control, especially for heavy walkers and severe overpronators. It is a more durable shoe. It even comes in wide and extra wide for those who need even more width. It also comes in sizes up to 13. Some men will find that the Ariel fits them better than the Beast, so don't be afraid to try on both.

New Balance 928

The New Balance 928 is a very stable motion control walking shoe. It's available in full leather for great durability. It has a classic style, which might be dull, but that's a plus for all-day wear. It comes in white, black, gray and tan, all nice drab colors for wearing throughout the day and on the job. Its predecessor, the 927, was a favorite for many walkers. Sometimes dull can be just what you need.

New Balance 1340

This motion control trainer is an update to the New Balance 1012. It has extra cushioning for those who are heavier in weight or put in long mileage. They come in standard, wide and extra-wide for those who need more width, as well as up to size 13 for women and 16 for men. It is Medicare rated as a diabetic shoe.

Saucony GRID Stabil

Overpronators and heavy walkers have loved this shoe for years. The CS3 is significantly lighter than previous versions, which tended to be very heavy. The GRID Stabil has more cushioning than many motion control shoes. It also is more flexible than many motion control shoes. But it only comes in regular width.

Brooks Adrenaline

For walkers who need stability, the Brooks Adrenaline is an excellent choice. It comes in narrow, regular, and wide widths, and even comes in a GTX waterproof trail version. Consistently good year after year, it has earned awards from running publications and many walkers have found it a go-to favorite.

Vionic Orthaheel Walker Shoes

The Vionic Orthaheel Walker is a patented, orthotic walking shoe. It helps improve your posture and realign your foot. with a special footbed system, arch support and a deep heel cup. It has received the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. These shoes come in nice, drab colors you can wear every day, including black, tan, white, and beige.

Brooks Addiction

This is an eco-friendly shoe for the severe overpronator who needs serious motion control. The mid-sole is biodegradable. Wearers cite the comfort and stability of the shoe. And even though it's biodegradable, the outsole is durable. The Brooks Addiction comes in widths, although this model tends to run narrow.

Asics Gel Foundation Walker

The Gel Foundation has been a top rated motion control shoe for many years. It has some flexibility due to flex grooves in the forefoot. This shoe comes in regular and wide versions, from size 6 to 11. It has a wider toe box, and even features a "bunion window" to relieve pressure in the bunion area.

Hoka One One Gaviota

At first glance, you might dismiss the Gaviota as having a huge, clunky sole. But this is deceptive as they actually have a flat profile with a deep, cushioned heel cup and a tiny 5-millimeter heel-toe drop. Pick up the shoe and you’ll be amazed at how lightweight they are, ounces less than most motion-control shoes. They build guidance and a rocker motion into the frame while keeping it all flexible. These features make them suitable for walking as well as running.

Many buyers said they were very comfortable to wear if you are on your feet all day. Several wearers also said their orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist recommended the Gaviota for their foot problems, and many said they found this shoe good for their plantar fasciitis. They are available in regular and wide. They come in some flashy colors if you want to stand out. On one popular running shoe site, 98 percent of wearers said they would recommend them to a friend.

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