Top 6 Foot Care Tips for Active People

Your feet feel the impact whether you are doing your mile a day or training for a marathon. "Feet provide support and absorb most of the impact, so they can easily become abused," says Oliver Zong, D.P.M., New York City podiatrist and cosmetic foot surgeon. "Many of my active patients end up coming to me with a foot problem that could have been prevented early on." Dr. Zong gives us these foot care tips for active people.


Beginners: Take it Easy on the Feet

Bare Feet Relaxing
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When you first start a fitness program, your feet will take a beating. This is especially true for those of us with extra pounds - those multiply the pressure on the feet. Start with a low impact exercise - walking rather than running or tennis, or start with bicycling or swimming. "To get started, try low impact exercise where foot impact is less of a factor, such as swimming or biking," says Dr. Zong.
How to Start Walking


The Right Shoes

Athletic Shoes
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Rather than just wearing whatever is in your closet or on the close-out rack, buy athletic shoes that fit right and work correctly for your chosen activity. Break them in before wearing them for long distance walks. Dr. Zong also cautions that if your shoes aren't comfortable at the time you purchase them, chances are they won't become comfortable. Only buy shoes that feel great right out of the box.
How to Find the Right Walking Shoes


Stretch Your Feet and Toes

Intrinsic Stretch for Plantar Fascia
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Dr. Zong believes that foot stretches can help prevent foot injuries. He recommends stretching feet, ankles and toes before and after workouts.
Foot Stretches


Keep Foot Rot Away

Fungus is lurking for your feet, ready to cause athlete's foot or plantar warts. Dr. Zong recommends wearing shower shoes when you are in the gym shower, on the pool deck, and other wet or steamy places. After a workout, he recommends cleaning feet with PediFix Tea Tree Ultimates FungaSoap Cleansing Wash as a natural way to fight fungus.


Plantar Warts

A plantar wart is a flat growth on the bottom of your foot, and they are usually painful. "Salicylic acid is the best first line of defense." explains Dr. Zong, recommending the Pedifix Wart Stick. "It is important to get rid of plantar warts quickly to avoid spreading them to others and to other parts of your body."
About Plantar Warts


Pampering as Prevention

Homedics Jetspa Pedicure Spa
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Get to know your feet. If you are regularly stretching and massaging them and enjoying a foot soak, you may notice changes that need medical attention and get them treated sooner. Dr. Zong gives you a needed excuse to buy that foot spa or take a trip to the day spa for some foot pampering. "I advise my patients to soak their feet a few times per week to keep skin soft and refreshed."

Source: Oliver Zong, D.P.M. Press Release 3/20/06

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