The 8 Best Flavorings for Your Water Bottle to Buy in 2018

Spice up plain old water with these easy-to-use flavorings

Is pure water too boring for you? These products and ideas let you flavor up your water as you go. Water flavorings can help you keep drinking and drink enough to prevent dehydration. These products are generally sugar-free and will keep your drinks low-calorie. Some of them have no added sugars and no artificial sweeteners. If you use any of these products in a reusable water bottle or hydration pack, be sure to emply it and rinse well after each use.


Nuun has no calories, no carbs, no sweeteners and no mess. It's just a great electrolyte replacement tablet that gives your water a refreshing taste. Nuun provides the recommended amount of salt replacement for endurance activities. It comes in no-mess tablets that dissolve quickly to produce a non-carbonated, light, refreshing sports drink.


You can find this popular water enhancer in many grocery stores. You can squirt a few drops or a little more into your water, so you choose how much flavor you add. It has no sugar, no carbs, no aspartame, and no saccharin, just your choice of fruit flavors. It also has no sodium, although a little salt isn't a bad thing if you are exercising and sweating. They also have a Mio Energy version that contains caffeine.


Crystal Light On the Go packs let you add a single small packet to a water bottle to convert it to lemonade, peach tea, raspberry ice and iced tea. It's great to throw into your pack to flavor up a second bottle of water when you refill at a water fountain on a long walk or run. It uses aspartame as a sweetener, with 5 calories per serving.


True Lemon, True Orange, and True Lime are calorie-free, natural citrus flavoring packets for your water bottle. They are packaged conveniently for easy adding to a narrow-necked water bottle. Each packet can flavor a full water bottle. The orange is naturally slightly sweet. Each packet has 25 percent of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, with no artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten, or sodium. So—this isn't a sports drink mix, but it does give you a convenient bit of citrus flavor.


These packets can be used in a bottle or glass or water to turn it into an electrolyte hydration drink. The flavor is light enough when you want to be refreshed without cloying sugar. It has three times the electrolytes and half of the sugar of most sports drinks. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It does contain sugar (sucrose and fructose) and sucralose, which is an ingredient in Splenda. You can also use it to flavor hot water, which is a bonus for winter workouts.


These convenient single-serve packets make it easy to add the drink mix to you water bottle or glass and turn plain water into all-natural lemonade. It's sweetened with natural Stevia and has only five calories per serving.


If you want to avoid GMO, Stur promises to be all-natural and is sweetened with Stevia. The 20-serving squeeze bottles are convenient for flavoring your water. In addition to fruit flavors, they also have electrolyte coconut water flavors which are great for long workouts to replace lost salt.


Celsius is an energy-boosting drink that has no sugar but includes green tea extract and caffeine from guarana seeds. A small caffeine kick can help wake you up and keep you going. Just don't overdo it or you can end up dehydrated.


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