Top Picks for Energy Bars for Exercise

When you are doing endurance exercise, you need a snack to replenish your energy. Energy bars are one way to get that boost, but a full-size bar can have almost as much fat and calories as a candy bar. You benefit from the convenience of a packaged snack to take along rather than making your own trail mix. These bars work well for workouts.


Clif Mini Bars

Clif Bar Mini Energy Bars
Clif Bar Mini Energy Bars. Courtesy of Amazon

Clif Minis are a top choice for several reasons. First, they taste great. Second, they have the best consistency for easy chewing, yet they don't crumble even after hours of jostling around your pocket or pack. They are made with mostly organic, natural, whole food ingredients. You don't need a dictionary to decode what is in them. The mini size is perfect for workouts. A full-size Clif bar packs too many calories in too big of a portion and you would generally cut them in half. With the mini size, Clif does that for you.


Clif ZBar

Clif Kid Z Bar Organic Energy Bar
Clif Kid Z Bar Organic Energy Bar. Courtesy of Amazon

The Clif ZBar is supposed to be an organic energy bar for kids, but it is also the perfect size for an adult energy snack. It's quite tasty with a non-crumbly consistency that is still easy to chew on the go. It has no trans-fats, no high-fructose corn syrup and no hydrogenated oils. Each bar has only 120 calories and is packed with vitamins.


Larabar and Larabar Minis

Larabar. Courtesy of Amazon

Two words—pie flavors. Beyond the fact that these taste fantastic, they also meet the profile for a great walking snack. Most of the Larabar flavors don't have coatings that will melt and make a mess when you take them out of your hot pack to have an energy snack while walking. They also have a texture that is easy to bite and chew, but also doesn't crumble and make a mess. You will appreciate the short ingredient list of raw whole foods. You don't need a chemistry degree to understand what you are eating. For people with sensitivities, they don't have gluten, soy, or dairy. Even better for portioning, they come in miniature versions so you do get just the perfect energy boost you need to power your workout.


KIND Bars and Mini Bars

KIND Minis

 Courtesy of Amazon

Think of KIND bars as trail mix that is formed into a bar. You get a sweet and salty flavor that gives you the energy you need and helps replenish a bit of the salt you lose in sweat. They make their bars in miniature versions that have only 100 calories, the perfect size for an energy snack. These bars are gluten-free and have no genetically engineered ingredients.


Clif Bars

Clif Bar
Clif Bar. Courtesy of Amazon

While the Clif Minis are great, you get far more choices of flavors with the full-size Clif Bars. They generally have 220 to 250 calories with lots of carbohydrates, a generous amount of protein, around 6 grams of fat, and added vitamins and minerals. Clif Bars are tasty, easy chew, and they don't crumble or melt. If the flavor you prefer comes in a full-size bar, it is easy enough to cut it in two and carry just half as your walking snack. Sadly, some flavors like the Clif Crunch Granola Bar have been discontinued, but there is always something new or seasonal to try.


Luna Bars

Clif Luna for Women
Clif Luna for Women. Courtesy of Amazon

Luna bars are targeted to women, with soy protein and under 200 calories per bar, 4.5 grams fat, 26 grams carbohydrate, 10 grams protein and 22 vitamins and minerals. They come in some great flavors, with a rice crisp base. Most are partially coated but shouldn't melt much in your pack. They are also gluten-free.


Honey Stinger Energy Bars

Honey Stinger Bar
Honey Stinger Bar. Courtesy of Amazon

The natural goodness of honey powers these tasty bars. They have 190 calories, 10 grams protein, 3.5 to 5 grams fat, and 27 to 28 grams carbohydrates per bar.



Balance Caramel Nut Blast

 Courtesy of Amazon

The Caramel Nut Blast bar from the Balance is a good substitute for a Snickers bar, with slightly lower calories at 210, 7 grams fat, 15 grams protein, and 23 grams carbohydrate for a 40-to-30-to-30 proportion. The drawback is that the chocolate coating will melt, so you'll end up licking that off the wrapper. They also have vitamins and other micronutrients.


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