The 9 Best Anti-Chafing Fitness Products to Buy in 2018

Chafing Prevention Preparations and Gear

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If you have ever experienced chafing you know how much it can hurt. It can end your walk or run. You chafe wherever sweat and skin meet. The most common areas are the underarms, chest, crotch, thighs, or nipples. To prevent chafing, you need to reduce the friction and protect your sensitive skin areas. There are simple solutions. Once you've experienced chafing, you won't leave home without these preps.

2 TomsSport Shield Silicone Liquid Roll-On

This silicone-based roll-on provides long-lasting lubrication to prevent blisters and chafing. It is odorless and non-greasy, so you don't have any problems with it staining your clothing or being hard to launder out of fabrics. It is very useful to prevent underarm chafing and inner thigh chafing. You can also use it your feet to prevent blisters. Just don't get it on the floor or you'll create a slipping hazard. It also comes in towelette packets.

Body Glide

Body Glide is a plant-based, no-petroleum stick that goes on like a deodorant stick. It works great to prevent chafing. It won't stain your clothing. It comes in a few different formulas. You can also find smaller sizes of packaging that are great to take along in your pack.

  • Body: The original anti-chafing version, scent-free
  • Sun: Anti-chafing, scent-free, and includes SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • For Her: Moisturizing, anti-chafing, and scent-free
  • Foot: Anti-blister and anti-chafing, scented
  • Cycle: Formulated to prevent saddle sores
  • Outdoor: Packaged for all outdoor activities
  • Skin: Cream rather than stick, anti-chafing and anti-blister

Squeaky Cheeks Performance Powder

This anti-chafing powder stays in place all day and has a pleasant minty scent. It comes in a convenient large bottle, and you may also be able to find it in single-use packets. The drawback is that if you avoid scented products, this won't be for you. However, walkers who don't have that problem give a big thumbs-up to Squeaky Cheeks.


This medical-grade silicone lubricant is both stylish and convenient. It is completely odorless and non-staining. It will prevent chafing for as long as four sweaty hours, enough for a half-marathon walk, a full marathon run, or a long bike ride. You can get it in a travel-ready 15-ml refillable container as well as the at-home 50 and 100 ml sizes. They also tout it as an intimate lubricant and to use to keep your hair from frizzing.

Gold Bond Friction Defense

This stick goes on like deodorant. It is unscented, which is a bonus for those who are allergic to many scents. You can use it wherever you are bound to chafe and use it on your feet to prevent blisters. It contains aloe vera to moisturize your skin. However, it can be a little sticky to the touch after you put it on. It works well to prevent under-bra chafing, but you may prefer to use the SportShield silicone roll-on for your underarms.


This easy to apply gel combines silicone, polymers, and petrolatum for long-lasting waterproof lubrication. It includes aloe, antioxidant vitamins E and C, natural plant extracts, Tolnaftate antifungal agent and Triclosan antibacterial agent. A drawback for some people is that it is scented, which may trigger allergies.

Compression Shorts

Spandex sports shorts are the best way to prevent thigh and crotch chafing. You can wear them as your only pants or layer them under loose shorts, leggings, or running skirts. These spandex and nylon shorts will keep your thighs from rubbing together to produce chafing. Look for these or similar models. You'll want to choose a length that will cover all of the areas of your thighs that are likely to rub together


Everyone has nipples. Men and women soon discover that nipples are a prime target for chafing (more so if you don't wear a bra). Some try lubricants or bandages, but this item is specially designed to fit over nipples and provide the needed protection. Don't be embarrassed, it is a very common problem for runners and you are definitely not alone in needing an anti-chafing solution for your nipples.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is cheap and you probably have a jar of it in your medicine cabinet. For many people, it works great against chafing. But it can be hard to wash out of your clothes, and for that reason, you may not want to use it with your favorite workout gear. But any port in a storm, and if you don't have any of the fancier anti-chafing solutions, grab the petroleum jelly and give it a try. For a laundry solution, sources suggest using an oxygenated laundry powder and pre-treating for 10 minutes with a paste of the powder and water before laundering.

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