Top Cardio Videos for Advanced Exercisers

If you're an advanced exerciser who enjoys home workout DVDs, it can be tough finding the perfect video for you. Below you'll find some of our favorite cardio videos including step, circuit, kickboxing and hi/lo for advanced exercisers.


Cathe Friedrich Imax 2 - Interval Step

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For advanced exercisers, this is an excellent choice if you want a challenging step routine. Imax 2 is an interval routine that takes you through 10 cycles that include a step routine, an anaerobic interval and then a short recovery. The step combos are simple and easy, and you repeat them 6 times. The intensity intervals are almost all high impact and include plenty of variety both on the step and floor. The stretch and cool down section ​is short and sweet, and the music is excellent. The workout is about 45 minutes. (total runtime 54.5 minutes)


Cathe Friedrich Imax 3 - Interval Step

Imax 3 is similar to Imax 2 in that it includes 10 cycles aerobic step combinations followed by high intensity intervals. The difference is that this one is much harder with shorter rest periods and very tough anaerobic intervals with moves like plie jacks, squat-jumps, jumps onto the step, plyo-Jacks, and long lunges off the step. This is not an easy workout, but it's worth the effort and satisfaction you feel when you've finished it. (total runtime 60 minutes)


Step Reebok: Intense Moves - Interval Step

Like videos listed above, this is a step interval routine that alternates aerobic step routines with high intensity intervals. The difference is that this workout is shorter (about 30 minutes) and the choreography is basic. Overall, this is an easier workout than Cathe's, but that doesn't mean it isn't challenging. We like the simple choreography and the fact that you have 3 different options for each interval segment, allowing you to choose how hard you work. At the hardest level, you'll really be challenged in a short, effective workout. (total runtime 50 minutes)


Seasun Zieger's Straight Up Step

If you're an advanced stepper who likes difficult choreography, you'll enjoy Seasun's workouts. Learning the moves can be frustrating, but this workout progresses quickly and Seasun is good with her cueing. The workout is a typical step routine, with 3 different combinations and some TIFTing (taking it from the top) and includes both dancy and athletic moves for a 45-minute step routine. (total runtime 54 minutes)


Stepping Up with Seasun Zeiger - CIA 2903

If you're an advanced stepper looking for an intense, complex workout, Seasun Zieger's Stepping Up is the video for you. With great music, intricate combos and excellent cueing, this is one of Seasun's best workouts, offering a challenging and high-intensity workout. If you're easily frustrated and don't like quick rhythm changes, pivots, and off-beat moves, you may not like this workout. However, if you're ready for a challenge and you don't mind rewinding, this may become your favorite step workout. With the step workout, a tough core segment and 4 pre-mixed workouts, you get plenty of variety and a video with great staying power. (total runtime 1 hour and 11 minutes)


Amy Bento's Advanced Step Challenge

This 30-minute step routine is for advanced steppers and the pace as well as the intricate moves may make your head explode the first few times you try it. Amy Bento is known for her advanced choreography and for throwing moves at you with little or no breakdown, which may make it frustrating to learn her workouts. But, it's worth it to stick with this one. The choreography is complex, the intensity is consistently medium-high and the workout flies by. It takes some time to get used to her style, but Cathe Friedrich fans will enjoy the intensity of Amy's workouts. (total runtime 51 minutes)


Cathe Friedrich's Body Max 2 - Step, Circuits and and Upper Body

This intermediate/advanced workout includes a huge variety of activities. The first part of the video includes about 25 minutes of high-intensity step combos while the second part includes circuits—a step combo, a high intensity blast and a lower body exercise. After that comes a short upper body workout along with abs and stretching. This is an excellent workout whether you do it all at once or mix it up. Also includes a variety of pre-mixed and timesaver workouts as well. (total runtime 97 minutes)


BOSU Blast with Seasun Zieger

It's tough to find advanced cardio workouts using a BOSU Balance Trainer, which is why Seasun's BOSU Blast is one of our favorites. It's just like a step routine—a variety of combinations that you learn, repeat and then put together. The only difference is that you use a BOSU Balance Trainer. You should be familiar with stepping and have some experience with the Balance Trainer for this one. (total runtime 66 minutes)


Kickbox Surge with Amy Bento - CIA 2901

This is one of our favorite advanced kickboxing videos with 5 fun, creative combinations interspersed with 5 high intensity 'surges.' This video has it all: Great music, creative combos and excellent cueing and it also includes a unique core section as well as 4 pre-mixed workouts. You will need a 6-8 pound medicine ball. (total runtime 1 hour and 12 minutes)


Amy Bento's Kettlebell Dynamics

This isn't a pure cardio workout, but it has elements of cardio throughout the routine and it's definitely an advanced workout.  This is a great choice if you're familiar with kettlebell training and you're ready to take your workouts to the next level.  The DVD includes three advanced kettlebell workouts with a variety of exercises that are fun as well as challenging. The moves are put together in fast-paced combinations, but you should skip this video if you aren't familiar with basic kettlebell exercises because there's very little breakdown of the moves during the routines. However, Amy offers excellent instruction and cueing and there's even a preview section where you can practice some of the harder moves.​ (total runtime 1 hour and 20 minutes)

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