Best Blister-Preventing Lubricants

Waxes and Powders Designed to Reduce Chafing

Blisters are caused by abrasion against the skin. Whenever excessive friction or heat is applied, the body will respond by flooding the area with immune cells that create a cushion of fluid to protect the underlying tissue and promote healing.

To prevent blisters, you need to reduce the friction. You can do this with lubricants that allow surfaces to glide over, rather than rub up against, each other. While petroleum jelly can usually do the trick, it has a habit of gumming up whenever used on the feet.

To overcome this, here are eight handy and effective products that could very well make blisters a thing of the past.


BodyGlide is a non-petroleum-based wax that is applied to the skin like a deodorant and won't end up staining your clothing or socks. It comes in both a regular and sunscreen version that can easily last for several hours. For hiking or endurance events, try applying a layer of BodyGlide and another of petroleum jelly for even longer-lasting protection.

All BodyGlide products are made with plant-based waxes and contain no lanolin, mineral oil, or petroleum oil.


HikeGoo is specially formulated for long distance walkers. This is the product you will need if you are participating in a marathon or planning to traverse rough terrain.

HikeGoo is made with a high melting point wax that alleviates friction while leaving your socks stain-free. It works equally in wet and dry conditions and doesn't leave a waxy residue like other products can.

There is also a RunGoo formula for distances of less than two miles and a WalkGoo for everyday use.


2Toms offers two types of silicone-based, anti-blister protection. One is SportShield, available as either an odorless roll-on or towelette. For those who hate topical products, 2Tom's BlisterShield uses a powdered silicone that you simply sprinkle into your socks. Both create an almost frictionless surface that prevents blisters and alleviates pain.


This solid anti-blister stick contains a waxed-based lubricant combined with an aloe vera moisturizer. It is non-greasy and comes in either a scented and unscented version. You can use Gold Balm Friction Defense on your feet or any part of the body that is prone to chafing, including the underarms and groin.


Squeaky Cheeks Performance Powder is an alternative product that foregoes the usual waxes and gels in favor of cornstarch and essential oils. Simply sprinkle the talc-free powder into your socks to absorb moisture and keep your feet dry. The oils help reduce friction and can even minimize foot odor.


Band-Aid goes a completely different direction with this convenient anti-blister stick made with vegetable oil. It glides on easily and is a good option if you want to avoid petroleum-based products.

While it is not as long lasting as some of the other sticks, it is neither messy nor leaves any residue on your socks or clothing. It is simply a good, all-around product for daily use.


This formulation of BodyGlide is made specifically to prevent foot blisters and chafing. The product starts with the BodyGlide base and mixes in apricot and comfrey leaf oil which can help reduce dryness and flakiness.

Unlike BodyGlide, FootGlide has a mild, mostly inoffensive scent that some people may like and others won't. There is also a CycleGlide stick design to protect against chafing in the seat and groin.


SportSlick is a high-tech petroleum jelly that combines silicone and other polymers for longer-lasting, waterproof lubrication. The scent-free formulation also incorporates aloe vera, vitamin E and C, and natural plant extracts to moisturize and protect. A topical antifungal (tolnaftate) and antibacterial (triclosan) help prevent athletes foot, odor, and infection.


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