The Top 10 Alternative Skateboards

The top ten new and original alternative skateboard-style boards out there. Plenty of these are so different that they are skateboards in name only, and a couple have reviews. Skateboarding has taken many forms, with the current norm being regular trick skateboard decks and longboards for cruising - but skateboarding is still young, and things are always changing!

Take a look at this list of the top 10 alternative skateboards to see the what's out there, and to find a new challenge!




The Freebord is designed to simulate snowboarding on pavement. Freebords have wide G3 trucks, like a longboard, but with an extra wheelset directly behind the trucks that completely changes the ride. Freebords come in several shapes and sizes and even offer bamboo and Canadian maple decks. They've also developed their own special wheels.

Check out the Freebord website for videos, instructions, and to see what the Freebord is all about. 


Arbor Pocket Rocket

Arbor Pocket Rocket

The Arbor Pocket Rocket Mini has all of the features of an Arbor longboard but is built to regular skateboard scale. The result is crazy little skate that rides super smooth, carves like no other, and makes hardly any sound while rolling along. Tricks on the Arbor Pocket Rocket are a little difficult but can be done.

The Arbor Pocket Rocket Mini board is a brilliant fusion between longboard and skateboard. Take a look at the review to see how well it rides.



Dimension StreetBoard 

Streetboards are just like skateboards, but with two points of flex where the nose and the tail of the board can pivot. Plus, on many your feet are strapped in (but not always). This lets you pull off insane tricks, while the flexibility allows the rider to maneuver in ways impossible on regular boards. The World Streetboard Association (WSA) manages Streetboard standards and pro competitions.

Check out Dimension and Highland Streetboards for boards.

(Streetboards have evolved from Snakeboards)




Flowlabs makes several boards with their crazy DCS trucks - picture an arc of 7 wheels. The result is a board that rolls something like a skateboard, something like a snowboard, and that allows for deeper carves than anything on the market. Seriously.

Although plenty of snowboarders use Flowboards to train in the summer, take a look at these boards and see for yourself. The super unique truck design allows for a one-of-a-kind ride.




The Stowboard is a board, about as long as a regular skateboard, that folds up into a little block that you can shove into your backpack, locker, or anywhere.

It rides smoothly, steers well, and has what seems to be the perfect balance of flex and strength so that it has some give but still works.


The Wave

The Wave skateboard
Wave skateboard

The Wave is a new, very unique riding system. The board rides on two wheels, each on a pivot so that the board can turn freely. Each wheel is below a foot pad, and the pads are linked with a pivot that turns, rather than hinging like a snakeboard.

This whole setup, the Wave, is fun to use and feels very natural once you get the hang of it. That might take a little bit, but it's a great new experience.


Freeline Skates

Freeline Skates

Freelines aren't actually a board, but they mimic a board in a weird way that I think earns them a place on this list. So, what are they like? "Freelines are insane," is the opening quote that tester Trent gave me after spending a month trying out Freeline Skates. Freelines are basically small metal plates with a grip on the top, and two 72 mm longboard wheels underneath.

They don't strap to your feet, and you can't stand still while standing on them. One per foot, they sort of create a skateboarding effect, except that it's nothing like skateboarding at all.


Mountain Board

Photon Mountain Board
 Photon Mountain Board

Mountain Boards (also called Dirtboards) are large skateboards with massive tires and sometimes even breaks, designed to ride off-road, bombing down dirt hills and the like. Mountain boards get used for a lot of creative things, with parachutes and who knows what! Some mountain boards come with bindings, like MBS, and others with skyhooks, like Mountain Shocker Boards.

There are many styles and brands of mountain boards available - hit "compare prices" below to see some online options, and hit up your local sporting goods store to get some more ideas of what kind of mountain board you want.​


T-Board, by Tierney Rides

T Board
Tierney Rides

The T-Board from Tierney Rides is a unique type of board. Basically, the T-Board is a large deck with a set of custom torsion one-wheeled trucks.

Yes, that means the T-Board has only 2 wheels, and the design gives one of the smoothest carves around, with a great potential in crossover training for snowboarding (along with other board sports).


Snowdecks and Snowskates

Burton Junkyard Snowdeck

Snowdecks are half skateboard, half snowboards. Picture a skateboard deck, but where there should be wheels a miniature snowboard is attached. There are no bindings, only a leash so you don't lose the board when falling. Take a look at the review of the Burton Junkard snowdeck to get a good idea of how well these things work. A Snowskate is similar, but without the trucks and blade - it's like a small snowboard without bindings.

These can be a lot of fun - both to ride, and to watch your buddies try and ride if they don't know how! Snowdecks and snowskates aren't for everyone, but they can be the perfect board if you are looking for a mix of skate and snow. And, plenty of snowparks now have special terrain areas just for these!

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