Toning Shoe Settlements and Refunds

Are you eligible for a refund?

Toning shoes were a huge fad from 2009-2012, but their advertising claims to burn more calories and tone your buttocks and thighs were often found to be unsupported by research. Several companies received slaps from the US Federal Trade Commission and from class action lawsuits. Shoe buyers may be eligible for a refund or portion of the settlement money. See the brands and models below to see what the deadlines were and how to file a claim.


Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers
Vibram FiveFingers. © Ben Schumin / Creative Commons

Settlements will be offered for certain models of Vibram FiveFingers footwear in the United States from March 21, 2008 up to and including May 27, 2014, for up to two pair without proof of purchase.

  • All claim forms must be postmarked or electronically submitted no later than September 24, 2014.
  • Vibram FiveFingers Claim Form
  • Review: Vibram FiveFingers

Skechers Shape-Ups

Skechers LIV Shape-Ups
Skechers LIV Shape-Ups. Wendy Bumgardner ©
  • Settlement: Skechers USA Inc. agreed to a $40 million settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over charges that they deceived their customers with unfounded advertising claims. These unsupported claims included weight loss and toned muscles.
  • Models: You can apply for a refund if you purchased any of Skechers' footwear called Shape-ups, Resistance Runner, Shape-ups Toners/Trainers, and Tone-ups
  • Purchase Dates: Between August 1, 2008 and August 12, 2012.
  • Filing a Claim: Submit the request online or by mail by April 18, 2013.
  • Online Skechers Settlement Form

Reebok RunTone and EasyTone

Reebok EasyTone Shoes
Reebok EasyTone Shoes. Christopher Polk / Getty Images Entertainment
  • Settlement: Reebok agreed to a $25 million settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over their unsupported advertising claims that their shoes toned and strengthened muscles. FTC Settlement
  • Models: Reebok EasyTone, SimplyTone, RunTone, TrainTone and JumpTone.
  • Purchase Dates: From Dec. 5, 2008 through the settlement date.
  • Filing a Claim: The deadline to file a claim was April 10, 2012. Refunds began going out in August, 2012.

New Balance TrueBalance - Rock&Tone

New Balance Logo on Shoe
New Balance Logo on Shoe. Wendy Bumgardner ©
  • Settlement: New Balance agreed to a $2.3 million settlement of a lawsuit without admitting wrongdoing. The lawsuit, Carey, et al. v. New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., Case No. 11-cv-10001-LTS, alleged that New Balance violated state laws in marketing its toning shoes with claims of more muscle activation and burning more calories.
  • Models: New Balance Rock&Tone, TrueBalance, Aravon Ria, Aravon Riley or Aravon Quinn
  • Purchase Dates: January 1, 2010 and August 29, 2012.
  • Filing a Claim: The deadline to submit the request online or by mail was February 25, 2013.
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