Toe Stand Pandangustasana in Bikram Yoga

Toe Stand - Padangustasana
Toe Stand - Padangustasana. IAN HOOTAN/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Toe stand is a balancing posture that appears in the Bikram Yoga sequence and has been adopted by other yoga practices as well. The entry here is through half lotus tree for a good reason. If you have trouble with the standing half lotus posture, it's going to be difficult for you to get into toe stand. Practicing some hip stretches will help. There aren't a lot of yoga poses that require the foot strength necessary toe stand, so it's a good way to brings some attention to this neglected area as well as give yourself a balance challenge.

  • Type of Pose: Standing, balancing
  • Also Known As: Padangustasana in Bikram Yoga
  • Benefits: Opens the hips, strengthens the core and the feet.
  • Cautions: If you have knee problems, approach this pose carefully. Skip it if it causes knee pain.


  1. Stand on your right leg and bring the top of your left foot to your right hip in the half lotus variation of tree. Take several breaths here to establish your balance.
  2. Begin to bend your right knee, keeping your left foot on top of the left thigh. At the same time, lift your right heel so that by the time you are in a squatting position, you are also up on the ball of your right foot.
  3. As you assume the squat, aim your right heel for your perineum so that the heel is centered under your body, not under the right buttock only.
  4. Allow your fingertips to come to the floor in front of you if you need them for balance. Firm your belly and work to lift one or both hands off the floor as you balance on the ball of your right foot. 
  5. If you get the balance, bring both hands to anjali mudra and try to hold the pose for five deep inhales and exhales.
  6. Rise back to half lotus tree and shake out both legs before trying the other side.

Beginners Tips

  • If your hips don't allow you to do half lotus, you can work on balancing in a squat with the heels lifted and knees together.

Add a Challenge

  • If you're ready for more of a challenge, try to come in and out of the posture without letting your hands touch the floor.
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