Portion Control Plates for Weight Loss

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Portion control plates are an easy way to control your serving sizes and lose weight faster. You can buy portion control plates in stores and online, but you can also make your own. Use this guide to understand how to use the smart plate strategy to create healthy meals, eat better and reach your weight loss goal.

Portion Control Plates for Weight Loss

If you're trying to lose weight, you should become familiar with portion control plates. The smartly designed dinnerware helps you to eat the right portions of lean protein, vegetables, starch, dairy, and dessert. The plates help you to make the best decisions about what to eat and how much to eat so that you can build a healthy meal for a better body.

There are different types of portion control plates for weight loss. You can simply use smaller dinner plates to learn how to eat less at mealtime. Salad plates or 9-inch plates help to keep portions in check. Your food looks bigger when it is placed on smaller dinnerware. While 10- and 11-inch plates have become popular, they may contribute to overeating, according to research by Dr. Brian Wansink, who studies the causes of overeating.

For many dieters, using a smaller plate is the smartest first step to control portions.

But there are other ways to use portion control plates in your home.

Portion Control Plates to Buy 

Some dieters prefer to buy professionally designed portion control plates to lose weight. These plates include a decoration or image on the dinnerware that guides you to serve yourself the right portion of meat, vegetables, and starchy side dishes. 

You'll find many of these plates for sale online. Brands like

  • Precise Portions sells complete sets of dishes that you can use to improve your eating habits. You'll even find Meal Measure reusable food portion guides that you can use with your own plates.
  • Livliga makes elegant dinnerware comes in several different styles to accommodate different personal preferences. But none of the dishes look like "dietware." Livliga also makes beautiful serving spoons, bowls, and even wine glasses that help you to pour just a single serving of your favorite alcoholic beverage.
  • Bentology makes Portion Perfect Weight-Loss Kits in a range of fun colors. Each kit comes in different resealable containers for your proteins, grains, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats so that you always know you're eating the right amount. You can also purchase kits with cooler bags, totes or insulated sleeves so that your food stays at the right temperature.

How to Make Your Own Portion Control Plates

If you prefer not to spend the money on new plates for your diet, you can use the same portion control principles with the plates you already have. It just requires that you use some creativity and imagine your meal divided into sections. By mentally breaking your plate into sections and assigning certain types of food to each section, smarter choices can become automatic. Here is how to make it work:

Create a mental picture of your plate. Divide your plate in half vertically. Then, divide one of those halves in half horizontally. Now you have three parts: one large half section and two-quarter sections.

  1. Fill one-quarter of the plate with a lean protein. This can include poultry, fish, eggs, lean meat or beans.
    Tip: Grill, bake or roast, and remove the skin of poultry whenever possible. Don't use cream sauces or gravies as these add a lot of added fat and extra calories to an otherwise healthful food.
  2. Fill one-quarter of the plate with a healthy grain. Healthy grain choices include quinoa, brown rice, oats, couscous, or whole-grain bread.
    Tip: Avoid using white rice, potatoes, mashed potatoes, or white bread in favor of whole grains. Not only are whole grains healthier but they also help you to curb hunger cravings longer than refined carbs.
  3. Fill the remaining half of the plate with fruits and vegetables. Choose a wide variety of produce each day. Try to add different colored vegetables to each meal.
    Tip: When you cook vegetables, don't add butter, cheese sauce or dressing, and be sure to steam, grill, or bake them rather than frying them or preparing a casserole.

Need a guide for your portion control plates? Use the Choose My Plate logo developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Print out the colorful logo and place it on your refrigerator door or your dinner table to remind you and your family how to create a healthy meal to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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