Portion Control Plates for Weight Loss

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Portion control plates are a useful tool for gaining a better handle on serving sizes. You can buy portion control plates in the store or online, but you can also make your own. Our simple tips and tricks make portioning your plate a no-brainer. For sustainable weight loss that happens naturally, portion plates can be a big help.

How Portion Control Plates Work

Portion control plates provide a visual guide for building a nutritious plate. This smartly designed dinnerware outlines the right portions of lean protein, vegetables, starch, dairy, and even dessert. Portion plates help you make thoughtful decisions about what and how much to eat. If you want some extra help making a healthy plate, premade portion plates are a small investment. They could even be done for free on your own with a little imagination.

There are several options for purchasing portion control plates, but simply using smaller dinner plates can help you become more mindful when serving yourself. Food looks bigger on a smaller plate. Although large plates have become popular in homes and restaurants, they may contribute to overeating. Switching to salad plates or 9-inch plates for regular use is an easy way to keep portions in check without overthinking it.

There are many ways to use portion control plates in your home. Choose from a variety of brands on the market, or create your own.

Store-Bought Portion Control Plates

Professionally designed portion control plates provide added structure to your meals. These plates use clever markings to delineate serving sizes for meat, vegetables, and starches.

Some brands you can find online include the following:

  • Precise Portions sells complete sets of dishes to improve your eating habits. They also have kid-friendly plates to help children learn about nutrition.
  • Livliga offers elegant dinnerware with discrete portion markers. Their designer styles serve as a subtle reminder to balance your meals. Livliga also offers serving spoons and bowls. They even sell wine glasses to measure single-serving portions of your favorite alcoholic beverages.
  • Bentology has a line of Portion Perfect Weight-Loss Kits that come in a range of fun colors. Each kit includes resealable containers for proteins, grains, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats. With a variety of convenient products, cooler bags, totes, and insulated sleeves, Bentology makes it easier to keep food at the right temperature while you travel.

Make Your Own Portion Control Plates

If you prefer not to spend money on new plates, you don't have to. Using the same portion control principles on the plates that you already own is an easy way to promote healthy eating. Imagine your meal divided into sections. By mentally dividing your plate into different slots for each food group, it is easier to visualize a healthy balance of food.

Try It Yourself

Picture your plate in your mind, and divide it in half. Then, divide one of those halves in half again. Now, you should have three sections: one large half (50% of your plate) and two-quarter sections (25% of the plate each).

  1. Fill 25% of the plate with lean protein. This includes poultry, fish, eggs, beef, pork, tofu, or beans. Grill, bake, or roast them, using lots of spices and natural ingredients for flavor (like lemon, lime, or vinegar). Get creative with garlic, onions, and mustard to add health-boosting properties and bump up the taste.
  2. Fill 25% of the plate with wholesome grains. Healthy grain choices like quinoa, brown rice, oats, couscous, and whole-grain bread add fiber and substance to your meal. Avoid using white rice, potatoes, mashed potatoes, or white bread in favor of whole grains. Not only are whole grains more nutrient-rich, but they also curb hunger cravings longer than refined carbs.
  3. Fill the remaining half (50%) of the plate with fruits and vegetables. Choose a variety of colorful produce each day. With a little extra effort, there are lots of ways to cook tasty vegetables. Aim for frozen or fresh, rather than canned, for maximum nutrition.

Need a guide for your portion control plates? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers a number of resources through ChooseMyPlate including educational graphics you can print and place it on your refrigerator door or dinner table to remind you and your family how to assemble a healthy plate at each meal.

A Word From Verywell

There are no hard and fast rules for "eating right." Using a portion plate provides a good opportunity to refocus on mindful eating, but it is not always necessary. Some meals might not follow the guidelines exactly, and that's OK. As long as your overall food intake includes enough fruits and vegetables to balance your plate, you're off to a great start. Starting with a colorful plate filled with veggies can lead you down the path to healthier habits.

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