Timex Metropolitan Plus Activity Monitor Watch Review

Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracking Quartz Watch
Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracking Quartz Watch. Courtesy of Amazon.com

The Timex Metropolitan Plus looks at first glance to be an analog quartz watch. But look again and you can see your step count and distance on the watch face — it's a pedometer watch! With the press of a button, you can transfer your data to a mobile app to track your activity history.

Who Is the Timex Metropolitan Plus Right For?

The watch has a classic analog design, suitable for being worn in business settings and when a dress watch is needed. It also has easily replaceable quick-release straps so it can be dressed up or down for sports and travel. It is suitable for both men and women. My husband is a watch guy and he liked the styling on me.

The activity monitoring is basic, simply total daily steps, distance and calories burned. It's a good combo of a watch and pedometer for a person who doesn't want to wear a casual fitness band and who doesn't need workout tracking features.


Power: It is powered by a replaceable battery that should last for 1.5 years, no need to recharge it every few days.

Apps: The watch connects to both iOS and Android apps via Bluetooth (BLE).

Watch: The watch is a classic quartz analog watch, size 42mm with a mineral glass case. You set the time via the crown, it isn't set from an app. It has a sweep second hand. You can activate an INDIGLO night light for reading it in the dark. It's water-resistant to 50 meters.

Straps: You can change straps easily. Timex has options for leather, silicone or nylon quick-release straps.

Data Seen on the Watch: On the lower right of the watch face, you can see a pointer showing where you are for the percentage of your daily activity goal. There is also a fourth hand with a red arrow that shows your step count from 0 to 15,000 and your distance in miles or kilometers from 0 to 15. You can switch between steps and distance by pressing a button.

Memory: The watch must be synced with the app every seven days. The activity monitoring can be turned off if you wish to do so.

Timex Connected App with the Metropolitan Plus

The app is very basic at its debut, but that doesn't mean they won't be improving it. You sync on demand rather than continuously. The sync worked well for me, you activate it with a button on the watch and I had no difficulty with it.

Steps: You see the total daily steps since midnight, with no breakdown of steps per hour, etc. You can set the sensor sensitivity in the Watch Control of the app if you find it counting too many steps or too few steps. I wore it on my dominant wrist and got about the same number of steps as the Apple Watch on my other wrist and the Fitbit Zip worn on my waistband.

Calories: Total daily calories burned. This number includes your basal metabolic rate calories as well as any active calories. That's a useful number for balancing with your diet, but it doesn't break out active calories vs. passive calories you'd burn just sitting.

Distance: Your steps are translated into distance walked, and you choose via the app if you want to see miles or kilometers. Under the Watch Control feature, you can play with the distance adjustment to match your stride if the distance is being overestimated or underestimated.

Sleep Tracking: This is promised for Spring, 2016.

Goals: You set goals for steps, distance, and calories. Your daily total will turn from yellow to green when you attain your daily goal.

History: You can review past days and totals by week, month, and year. I didn't immediately see this, you access it by tapping the arrow to the right of Today, and then the calendar.

What the Timex Metropolitan Plus Doesn't Do

  • It has no sports watch features such as stopwatch and you can't track individual workouts.
  • It doesn't have inactivity alerts.
  • It doesn't yet track sleep, but that is promised.
  • The app doesn't connect to other apps to share data, such as a diet tracking app.
  • The app has no social sharing function. You can't easily compete with friends and frenemies, which could help you achieve your daily goals.
  • You only see up to 15,000 steps and 15 miles or kilometers indicated on the watch face. On my active days, I log more than that, at least in steps.

Bottom Line

I like the styling of the watch, as does my watch-loving husband, and that is high praise from him. He normally does an eye roll when I put on a new fitness band or sports watch to review. You aren't stuck with a sporty fitness band, you can dress it up or down. You don't have to recharge it every few days so you can travel with it off the grid.

I really love being able to see my stats and progress towards my goal on the watch face without having to sync it to an app. It's simple and easy to use and understand. The watch markings are large enough that I don't have to put on reading glasses to see them. I love having the INDIGLO night light, although I wish the hands also glowed in the dark.

The weakness is that if you want more than total daily steps, distance, and calories, you won't get it here, at least for now. But those are the key pieces of data most of us want for activity tracking. If you're good with that, then I would recommend the Timex Metropolitan Plus activity watch.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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